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Hello, my name is Briette Julienne Laures. Hope you like my stuff! Most of it is really old stuff that I've written. I really like the Jane Trilogy. (For those of you who like it, don't worry. I'm not done with the first book and I've been meaning to get back to it!) So, yeah!!

The Jane Trilogy: Book I. Is finished but needs to be typed out. I'm still working on book II. For any of you who might be confused, Story II, is not the same as Book II. Story II is a Part of Book I. (Book I. has three parts. Actually it should have two parts and the second part should be divided into a and b, but I decided to make them into different stories!).

Fear and Consequences: Is not as old as the Jane Trilogy. (I wrote the Jane Trilogy three years ago!) Fear and Consequences was written either at the nbeginning of the this year or the middle of last year. Anyway, it's still old! But it was more of a test of my writing- to kind of see which styles I am good at, etc...

Code of Conduct: Will never be done! It was just a trial thing. But I would still like some input on it!



P.S. This is to all my reviewers...and those who I review to-

Alyssa Pires: I am putting you first since you are my most frequent reviewer. I thank-you for your ideas and reviews. I will definitely use them to better my future writing. I thank you for being my most frequent reviewer. I guess you either like my stuff alot or there is nothing else to read! HA! -Briette-

Rose Jameson: I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and I hope that chapter 15 of the Last Light that Shines is up to your expectations. I hope to hear from you again! Dear Rose, I am overjoyed that u enjoy All for the Pursuit of Love. Personally, I consider it 2 b my best work! -Briette-

Poseidon: I don't really know what to make of your review, but I'm grateful that you at least reviewed. I'm not sure if people don't likew my stories or they simply forget to reivew! -Briette-

Rhiev Sedai: I'm very glad to hear from you. This tale is a somewhat "refreshing" concept, at least compared to the other romances. Thank-you again. -Briette-

Rebecca: (Just to let you know, Fear and Consequence was written during a stressful time when a relationship was failing, so thus, Tav is a little oversensitive in the hopes that somehow I could get away with pretending that it would be alright to portray a male as oversensitive.) I was in a rough time, but thank-you for coming to the same conclusion that I did a while after I wrote it. -Briette-

Me: I am sorry that you felt too overwhelmed with the need to emphasize that I had bad grammar in this story. I was hoping that maybe it wouldn't matter. Usually I have very good grammar and I try to use it when I am speaking, but I do not usually have good grammatical skills when it comes to writing. Whenever someone is talking and uses bad grammar, I can't stand it- maybe it's the same with you! But thank-you for the review. -Briette-

BangBangYourDead: Thank-you for your reviews. I really appreciate it. -Briette-

Jane: I thank you for the great review you gave me. It meant more than words can describe. -Briette-

SouthernSweetE: Society Pages is good! I like it! Please write more! -Briette-

Fe Zerbrowski: I simply love Why I Want You! And as I do with other writers, I encourage you to write more! -Briette-

BKGal-24: Covet is probably better than most novels I've read. I've checked every single day since the last posting to see if you've updated. So, please, write more! It'sonly rivaled by Ultimate Virgin!-Briette-

Dancer27: Pursuing the Obsessions is simply wonderful! I just wanted to let you know that. -Briette-

EverTheCrazyCynic: Sing Me Anything was beautiful! I was a little distressed with how fast it ends in the last chapter, but it was a good story. Saving Me can be just as good, but you have to write more! I can't emphasize this enough! It's good. Keep up the good work! -Briette-

Chosenchic16: There are few stories that compare or can keep up with Ultimate Virgin and only Covet can be compared to it n quality! However, the two stories areway different & r therefore, non comparable. I love Melissa's personality and how you never change or compromise her character and those around her. They are exactly what you expect and yet, they do things unexpected! But I guess it's their reactions to the unexpectewd that makes them remain the same. I love it! -Briette-

RotoCanyon: My best-friend! Umm...well, what to say to you! Thanks for the reviews. P.S. How were you to know I'd break out in a rash? -Briette-

Jane Paul: My dearest, Jane Paul...how is Anne Boleynn 2day? Mary Boleynn is doing quite well, thank-you! Ha. Ur wonderful, sweets!

Mezmiro: I don't like that one sory u published about the girl named Mary...only because well... that's my nickname & it's kind of a sick story! The one about the baker is ridiculously hilarious & it definitely suits u! P.S. I dedicate my works 2 u & hope they are good. -Briette Julienne Laures-

And finally to the wonderful...Bob: I have so many words I'd like to call you...but I won't. You know what? You wouldn't know an essay if it hit you in the rear! You either don't read enough to know what an essay is or you just broke up with your girlfriend and reading anything about kissing is too much too handle. Perhaps it's both. It's people like you that ruin the modern day author. Constructive criticism is what we're here for. The kind of criticism that knocks us (authors) down- well, we get enough of that from the real world; we don't need it from the people who share our common 'outlet'!

I would also like to thank my family and my wonderful husband, Paul.

I thank all of you! All of my reviewers: thank-you for helping me advance in my writing and encouraging me and showing me which technique is better than the other. Thank you. And to All those who I am the reviewer: I hope I have not put you down or anything. All of your stories are wonderful! If they weren't, I wouldn't have told you they were!

Again, with thanks,

-Briette Julienne Laures-

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