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Hi, you can call me Salt, you being a person who is crazy enough to read my ramblings. Well since you're still here I guess I'll ramble. XD My friends have described me as slightly crazy and I am obliged to believe them since they have proven it to me time and time again, I like reading, writing, and the internet. If my spelling is not totally perfect or even awful, I will apologize now since my spelling stinks. I am currently quite bored... which should be a good excuse to start writing right?

And now I would just like to thank anyone who has read this or reviewed any of my stuff and I will try to make a habit of reviewing yours in return although no promises.

I'm sorry if none of this made any sense what so ever to you or if my stuff sucks.

Llamas rule!

Update: ...It seems that since everyone else has such good stories and I have none that I should begin writing, however I am actually quite busy for once (weird huh) so it shall have to wait... that is all.

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