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I have an unhealthy obsession with gay men and Brendon Urie. Those two things are synonymous.

Follow me on Twitter, if you want: http://twitter.com/ryancrum. My life is pretty interesting, I have to say.

Also, my Tumblr. I'm gonna post little previews of Confessions of a Maraschino Addict on it, occasionally. http://.

Just Because and Confessions of a Maraschino Addict have both been nominated at the SKoW awards! Vote for my boys? :)

Just an FYI...yes, I am going to finish Beneficial at some point.

Future Stories:


Just for Fun: Sequel-ish thing to Just Because. Yeah. Parker tries to get into Stanford and Alex gets another tattoo. And other stuff happens between them. ;)

Hay is for Horses: Two boys. One's a snobby rich horseback rider, the other has no idea about horses, and they get together even though one of them has a semi-abusive boyfriend. SEX IN A BARN. Yes.

Gunned Down: This one is actually...pretty deep. I'm excited for it. Here's the summary: Raised in isolation by two dads, Toby believes that being gay is natural. So what happens when Toby's dads die suddenly and he's sent to live with distant relatives who are determined to turn his beliefs upside down?

Untitled: Two guys who've been dating for forever each have single parents. These parents fall in love and get married...and don't want their stepchildren dating. What happens next? OH IT IS SO CLICHE AND LOVELY.


The Adventures of Sonny the Space Boy: Inspired by a trippy dream I had about Parker (from JB) and Justin Bieber being on a spaceship. It turned into slash about this kid winning a contest so he can guest star on his favorite TV show with his favorite actor. How fun.

Untitled: Inspired by the story of one of my cousin's roommates. Anson, an ex-Marine, is injured in an explosion in Iraq. He ends up losing most of his fingers and his hands become disfigured. While he's in the hospital for the next month, he falls in love with one of his high school friends who comes to visit him. I thought it might be a multi-chapter story, but a long oneshot will work.

Innie, Outie, or Neither?: Semi-incest. Like, stepbrothercest. That's all I can really say.

Five, Six, Seven, Eight: (Belated) birthday oneshot for Caseus. :D smut.

So Parker, Alex, Cam, and Travis all have Facebooks. You should add them. They love getting friends. Especially Parker. He's a Facebook whore. Just search for their full names :) Or Parker's is here: http://www.facebook.com/parker.daniels1

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