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Hello!!! I hope you are o.k. today. Well I guess I'll tell you about myself. I am 17 years old and prode to be a girl.:) I live in California in a small town.I love to write poetry and short stories.(But I make alot of grammer errors, plz don't get mad.)I also love music. I like all forms except rap.(sorry) Of course I like to watch tv. I like to watch shows like CSI, House, The Simpsons, and...well anything. I LOVE horror movies. I just love things that are fictional.

I also like to play soccer. I love to swim. I also love the summer. I love to many things.:)I am a caffine freak!!! I like those mocha frufru drinks. I am not afraid to eat in front of any one!!! Food is way to good to care what people think of me. Wouldn't you agree?

I usually am home a lot because I take care of my mom. I am always busy. Its a full time job.Its almost like I'm a stay at home mom only I didn't get to have the ..."fun" part

I would like to hear from you.^_^

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