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dr pepper is my cocaine

I'm a eighteen year-old girl who really has no life outside of her laptop, Bernardo, and supposes that's just fine when it really isn't.

I'm also pretty much one of the weirdest little fucks you'll ever meet.

Um, this is my FANART section? Uh huh. More please give it to me baby yeah!

Robbie and Clay in chapter eight, sketch by Vitani Le: http:///albums/g77/vitanilearcane/Artwork/Sketches/sketchrobbieclay.jpg

Robbie and Clay need to get it on already, by SerialXLain: http:///albums/b16/mynameisrobobby/drpepper.png

Robbie and Brandy, by magalina: http:///albums/q205/magalina18/Robbie-Brandy.jpg

Jan 21

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around much. I hope there are still some people out there reading this! I know I haven't updated anything in a long time so I have some presents for you and by presents I mean stories from like 2005 five that I never finished but plan to. I'll post the beginning or something.

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