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Hey. My name is Jenny. I am an american living in England, which is like THE bestest country ever!!!! Lol. anyways, heres a story I wrote. It's the kind I like:

She fears them more than anything. She knows they are coming for her. Every night they stalk her. Follow her. She dares not blink, for if she does they will begin their stalking. She runs through the halls, running from something she knows so little about. Running Running Running. There is nothing to stop her. Nothing to save her. But out of the darkness, she sees a light. It shines brighter than the darkness, drowns out the sorrow. At last, her savior has come for her: Awakening.

Okay. I know. Cheesy. But still. Anyways, I really enjoy people submitting reviews for my work. One girl said she almost cried while reading my stuff. Okay, so I know its not likely and she was just making me feel good, but still, I really appriciated that lie she made up for me. So, lie away. Or tell the truth. Either or.

Um... Lets see... well thats abot it actually.but... read my stuffs!

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