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Vespers can now join your personal library collection on Kobo and Kindle!

A personal tragedy alters Alexandra's life forever, complicating the tangled feelings she has for Chris, who she's known forever and been in love with for almost as long.

Meeting Lucas changes everything; intimidating, compelling and magnetic, he seems intent on having her. At first she's unsure and doesn't think she's ready to open herself up to anyone, but what Lucas wants he always gets, and Alex is soon swept up in a provocative adventure that is both thrilling and steeped in romantic loveliness.

Even as Alex is wrapped up in an intoxicating affair, she begins to realize that Lucas is keeping something from her. There are secrets everywhere, and Alex has acquired too many of her own since the accident. She thinks she can avoid the past, until someone she hoped she'd never see again returns to ensnare her in a game of fear and intrigue that makes her question everyone, including her own desires.

The mystery will continue in Vespers Book 2: Ringer, coming in 2015.


Kera Fox

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