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1 March, 2014: Monsoon Promises up! Sherry and Rehan's story is very different from Reyna and Hassan's, but I'm really excited about this. Hope you all like it!

26 February, 2014: New story up soon! Prolouge alone is 5K words...so look out for Monsoon Promises in a day or two! I want to get some feedback on it, I'll still be focusing mainly on PPC but I wanted to write a few chapters of this first. This one is more plot driven and different from PPC , so reviews would be much appreciated!

22 February, 2014: Papercuts Chapter 22 up!

Honestly, it has been hard finding time from work recently for Papercuts. For everyone who has still managed to stick by this story all these years, it means a lot. All I can say is, this story has gotten me through ups and downs of five years of uni, it will always be precious to me. And it is almost over, barely a few chapters left... so please just bear with me a little while longer. Thank you for the reviews and the favourites, it has been wonderful support and sometimes it was the nudge in the right direction I needed to finish a particular chapter.

I have been around FP since the time when SJ Maas was posting, I remember waiting for updates of Myrika's first story...I devoured stories on this site for years, some of them were truly wonderful, others made me cringe, until finally I found the courage to post my own stories. Now it has been a while since I read anything on here, so it would be lovely if you could recommend me some truly amazing stories por favor? I'd especially love to read a desi story, so do PM me with your favourites :)


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