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Joined Jul '05

My name is Victoria

I love the color black (just look at the penname...) I wear it everyday. I mean everyday, all the time. I love poetry reading/ writing it and I find my self drawn to the topic of death a lot so if that weirds you out sorry...

Fave Band: After Forever

Wieght: 125

Hieght: 5' 1

I Play: The Flute in my school band (yeah I know band geek)

Nickname: Trixxie

Yeah. I decided I'm coming back and I'm going to be active again...Had a long run in with writers block...no inspiration, plus I want to try to be a little less angsty, though it is my specialty.

A happy young spirit

Lifted from the bed

No longer a woman

A corpse lay instead

This is a little piece of the poem I wrote called In The End

Quietly I fell asleep

And of my crime there was no peep

Though thoroughly the blood did seep

From under her bedroom door...

A piece of a poem I wrote called Daddy's All Mine Now


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