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Morgan here, ready and accounted for. :) I was HopelessRomance but I've changed my Pen Name to morganelena. Just because it is my name, therefore suits me well enough. :)
I have zero time on my hands and am not working on any of my stories.
I think I'm going to start over. Fresh start.

My Works
My Anything But Ordinary Summer : On HUGE Hiatus. No longer being worked on. Everything was taken down except for two author's notes. :/
Never Again : To be deleted. I had no plot for this; it was basically a very random one shot. :P
Unwanted Memory : Same as Never Again. Or I might continue with it. I might.
Liar, Liar : Just something dumb I did. Not continuing it or expanding it. Probably going to be taken down.

On A Happier Note...
-- I do have another story in the works! It will be completely different from any of the other stories I've written. I'm not going to post it until I've probably got most of the chapters finished. That way, I won't have to leave everyone hanging for months on end for an update. :)

-- I'm COMPLETELY re-writing MABOS. :) One-hundred-percent. I might put it up, I might not. Further information is in the story under Author's Note 2.

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