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Broken Hallelujah's a poem drawn from a story I did for drama class which I intend to post if I ever pull it out of script format. I'm very proud of it, but my drama teacher hated it (stupid devout religious ppl, no offense to anyone who's religious). And, yes, my profile is another shameless plug. Go read, review... Get scared... they suck...

The picture to the right is of Pray.exe, one of the forms my main character, Destiny, from Project Dream takes when she's in the internet. Pray's a stealth fighter/assassin and the strongest of Destiny's three forms. The picture was drawn by my friend, Sanity-kun, and I colored it (two weeks of detailed work, evil evil evil.)

But enough about that, you probably wanna know something about me or you wouldn't bother reading this.

Well, my name's Meg, called Megpie by most and Meg-chan or Yume-sempai by my beta-readers. Physically, I'm 15 years old, but by common consent I'm about 500 stuck in a teenager's body and sharing it with a 5 year old.-_-;; I love sci-fi and fantasy, as Project Dream and Broken Hallelujah (the story, if I ever get it up) will dictate. Say what you like about me and my stories or just about anything else, just don't insult my dad. Okay, I admit it, I'm a class A daddy's girl and proud of it, but he went to hell and back for me and he's awesome.

I'm still just a sophomore in high school that gets detention every other week because I'm writing instead of doing school work. I'd apreciate any advice or constructive criticism people can give, hell, I'd be happy with flames just so I've got something to roast marshmellows with. ^_^

Tori-chan*comes up behind Meg and slaps her with The Frying Pan of Doom (thunder crashes in the background)* STOP SOUNDING SO SERIOUS!!!

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is my best friend/self-appointed sister/babysitter/a few other random things, most importantly responsible for any and all slash/etc stuck in my stories, the loveable Tori-onee-chan. *rubs head* damn, that hurts

Tori-chan: It'll be Shaka's prayer beads around your neck next.

Oh, yeah, go read some of Broken Messiah's poems, she's a good friend of mine and I love her work. Godchild, a fanfic saga I'm working on, has a lot of influence from her. My main character, Elektra, is based off of her in many ways. And if you value your sanity, don't get her going on religion.

Current Projects:

Project Dream: No one expected what was going to happen when Project Dream awakened, save for three boys waiting for their partener's return, but not even they could predict what would happen when Destiny comes face to face with the truth about her cursed family and the virus that killed her. What happens when you mix magic and the most powerful cybernetics miracle in existence? Saiber's top four agents, three super-intelligent AI programs, and a deadly computer virus are about to find out.

H.E.L.L. High: At a high school for supernatural lifeforms, humans aren't exactly welcome, but Gabriel Thorne somehow landed there anyway. Somewhere between discovering that he is allergic to his roommate, being stalked by a vampire older than the Roman Coliseum, dodging the fire-throwing cat goddess that runs his dormitory, getting weapon and self-defense lessons from the physical incarnation of light without getting killed, trying to figure out how to ask the beautiful incarnation of darkness to the school dance, and remembering to feed Bob the mutated cheeseburger (mascot of the Wind Dorm), Gabe somehow has to survive classes well beyond human skill, figure out what the hell he's doing there, and, of course, understand who, and what, he really is.

Coming Soon:

Broken Hallalujah: Diana Lucid was unique in many ways, but of those traits, the one that stood out most was the ability she, her father, and best friend, Masaya,all shared: they could see angels. When her father is murdered by one of the legendary angels from the dawn of time, Diana and Masaya start a journey across the country to find her mother and brother, aided by Uriel, Diana's loyal, if a bit arrogant and lazy, guardian angel. What they find forces Diana to question herself, her family, and everything she has ever learned as they make their way to heaven to face Fate herself to get her father's soul back.

Prince Red:Blaise had always admired his older sister for her strength, even if he could never find a way to say or show it. She had raised him from infancy, despitehis autism and their drunkard mother, their only help coming from Blaise's best friend, Chance.Then, one day, a man arrived at the school with a gift for Trinity, saying he was a friend of her father's. Within days of the strange package's arrival, war breaks out and Trinity dies of smallpox;Chance and Blaise are forced to flee the city to avoid the biological weapons released there, with only a slip of paper with two words written on itto help them. Prince Red.

P.S. If I insult anyone for any reason, for God's sake, I didn't mean to.

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