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Yes, I am the one who wrote:

Six Feet from Paradise
Ordinary World

Mad World
Beatty & The Beast
Visions of You
Story of You
Speaking of You
Ghost Not Forgotten
The Wait
And the Time Came

But they have been removed due to the plagiarism rise. And just because I don't have them up here anymore doesn't mean I don't have oodles of dated Word documents, FP screenshots and printed pages that prove these stories and characters belong to me. So, just in case you think you're safe, story-stealer, you're not. Don't even try, alright? Thanks so much.



Hey! So I moved again! I'm on Wattpad now under the name Winky_P. I've just started posting Visions of You (Chasing Mathesons series) over there and hope to post more soon. So come on over! I want to hear from y'all!

5/28/13: Hey guys! So I've decided to start posting stuff online again. Read this: http:///6679.html - it has the link to the new page and also explains some stuff, so please read the whole thing. Thanks!

1/8/13: Hey guys! Long time no speak, eh? Well I just wanted you all to know that with the recent closing of PlagiarismHaven, my stories are currently not online anywhere. Also, I'm taking this year to clean up Six Feet from Paradise in the hopes of querying it and hopefully getting it published (cross your fingers! I need the good mojo!) Most of us at PlagiarismHaven plan to be part of a new LJ community PostHaven (http:///) which is completely open to the public. We won't be posting our stories there, but we will be posting links to places where we WILL be posting our stories (for those who choose to do that). I'm still figuring out exactly what I'm going to do with my other stories, but I hope to have them up somewhere eventually!

I've had requests to update people on the status of my stories and such, and so I recommend following PostHaven. Any news I have will be posted there, including where I plan to post other stories (SFFP will not appear online) whenever I figure that out.

Hopefully this finds you well, and I hope to see you at PostHaven!

Thanks for all the support throughout the years!



9/27/10: Because I said I would let y'all know: Let it be known that the Ordinary World series, The Chasing Mathesons series, Beatty & the Beast, Six Feet from Paradise and Much Better are either all posted or being posted on LJ's Plagiarism Haven site. So for those of you who requested reading these again, I would suggest getting a membership if you haven't already. The link to the community is on Myrika's and angels and effects pages. Thanks guys!

6/16/09: Just an FYI: since I've shifted to LiveJournal, I figure I should give my name there: it's winkyp.

6/5/09: Will be taking down my one-shots today. Basically eradicating myself from FP. It's kind of weird but must be done.

Because people have been asking: yes I joined the LiveJournal community the lovely SamanthaNicole, angels and effects and Myrika started (links on their profiles) and yes I plan to post my stuff there. I think the only thing that has no possibility of being posted there is Six Feet from Paradise. Everything else will probably end up there.

Thanks for the continuing support, you guys are awesome!

6/3/09: I just have to say thank you to those who are inundating me with support. Already I've gotten several reviews and PMs and it's only been a few hours! This is why I love this site, because even though there are creeps out there who mess with everything, there will always be you guys who are so sweet and supportive and kick ass. So thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you guys.

Oh, and just a side note: it's upsetting what happened and what they did was wrong, but don't go at them in all caps saying they deserve to die. That won't help. Please, if you want to say something to them just go about it calmly and tactfully. I know it's hard and I nearly went beserk, but in the end a calm, coherent statement comes off much better than a raging rant. I appreciate the passion some of you guys have, really I do, but please be mature about it if you contact these people. Please, please, please. Thank you!

6/3/09: Actually, no. I know what to do. I have to do what the others have done. I've gotta take them down.

6/3/09: Great. So I just found out "Off the Page" and "Much Better" have been plagiarized ("Off the Page" became "Stranger Then Fiction" on FanFiction. Okay, A: it should be "Than" not "Then" and B: you're stealing a title from a movie to paste on your stolen story? Wow. Just keep the idiocies coming) "Much Better" is inexplicably posted on some 13 year-old's blog. Random.

Anyway, I'm working on getting the "Off the Page" rip-off down and trying to figure out how to get a hold of the girl with "Much Better" on her blog.

Just this morning I found out about angel and effects and SamanthaNicole getting ripped off too.

This is getting ridiculous. I'm not sure what to do at this moment, but I'm going to figure it out and cease posting anything until I know what to do.

I'm so pissed and sickened and just...well, anyway, I'll get back to you.

This is info about my remaining works on Fictionpress, just in case you're curious...

Ordinary World series:
Ordinary World (book 1)
Mad World (book 2)

Ordinary World
This utterly pisses me off, since I was all pumped to get it up and read in a much better format, but I can't risk it. Now that I've been hit by the plagiarism epidemic, I've got to be smart. Sorry guys. You have no idea how much this sucks, but I'd be an idiot not to protect this.

Mad World
Not gonna be posted. Sorry.

Much Better - (SKoW Winner! Wahoo!)
This was essentially my fantasy back in high school, what I WISHED happened to me.

6/3/09: It got ripped off and put on some girl's blog. So blame her for it being taken down.

The Wait:

3/12/09: My friend and I have decided to make a movie version of this story. We've written the first draft of the screenplay and are going through the motions slowly, but what we've got planned for it is pretty awesome. Keep your eyes peeled, you might be hearing some stuff about The Wait (The Movie) in the future. :)

Off the Page:
I wrote it in about a week. It's a bit different for me because I wrote it in chronological order (whereas I usually write bits and pieces of a story and then connect them all later) and I tried to be less uptight about it. So I essentially wrote a chapter, read over it maybe twice and then posted it. So it's rough, definitely rough, but I'm just winging it I guess.

6/3/09: It got horrendously ripped off (even the summary is practically word for word). So it must be taken down too. Pissed about it? Let her know: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1636560/Blueberry_Butterfly. The story is called "Stranger Then Fiction". Read the first chapter - hell, read the summary - you'll see a lot of similarities. Let her know that's she's wrong. Report it to FanFiction. Maybe it'll get pulled faster if there's more than just me whining about it. :)

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