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There's really nothing much to say about myself...I prefer writing bout others. :) I love reading...and writing (like, duh...) and I love people and life! There's nothing better!

I'm majoring in Psychology and have a deep interest in languages. I can speak and write in 3 different major languages and converse in 4 different Chinese dialects. I understand like a couple of words in French, Portugese and also Korean.

Oh, and my favourite animals are dolphins. And dogs. And rabbits. They are absolutely adorable!

Well, that's about all you need to know. Thanks a lot for reading and please leave me reviews as you please. Criticize them, praise them, say anything you wish (just dont be downright rude)... I'd appreciate it.

Have a good day!

p/s : I'm a hopeless romantic too!

~ Life is like a piece of paper, on which every passerby leaves a mark ~ Chinese Proverb

*p/p/s: I was educated according to the British system (no, I'm NOT British...just that our syllabus sorta follow their lead) ...so I might spell certain words a tad bit differently from the American spelling. No, they are NOT typos.

Photos now available for Glitters of Shattered Hope & Love At Eleventh Sight.

Please refer to the homepage address above.

Spoiler alert : Captions from the story accompany the photos.

*note : The story Never Too Far Away has been put on a temporary hold.
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