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How to make a squiggle-line:

0! part numbers and greek letters

π parts lemon pie

parts awkwardness

Shake lightly until a creamy foam appears. Add chocolate chips. Serve with a helping of reviews.


In the style of Tim O'Brien, Capital One, and Three Simple Words' Starr, these are the contents of my purse: (1) wallet (2) phone (3) pen (4) breath mint from my cousin's wedding two years ago (5) petrified toffee (6) good smelling lip balm (7) bad smelling lip balm (8) small jar of menthol (9) spork (10) hair clip (11) napkins from wherever I had lunch this week (namely, Bojangles and Chipotle)

What do you carry?


(1) work issued laptop (2) traffic vest (3) rain poncho (4) rain pants (5) extra bus passes (6) pen (7) hand sanitizer (8) tissues (9) single packet wet wipe from that BBQ place in Sydney (10) roll on sunscreen (11) wallet (12) phone (13) work badge (14) floss (15) small jar of menthol (16) spare mini key (17) keychain flashlight (18) work appropriate shirt (19) minnie mouse luggage tag (20) my lunch (namely, a tower of tupperware containers)

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