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Joined Aug '05

Hey~ This is Yoyo.

This account was originally set up for "Fireworks" (COMPLETED 10/17/05) and any
stories afterword, so that I can keep everything I have finished in one
place and as it was meant to be read.

In real life, I am a grant writer and I am trying to become a published fiction writer, too :D Unfortunately that means I don't post much anymore, but I still appreciate everyone who stops by and reads my writing. I am especially happy with the response Still Life has gotten. I loved the characters and it's gratifying to know that so many of you loved them, too. I keep meaning to start another serial just for FP, so who knows? It could still happen.

I consider myself a bisexual writer first and foremost, and as such, all of my stories will contain what are considered "alternative sexualities". Feel free to read if it makes you uncomfortable, but know that's what I do.

I like reviews. I also like story recommendations. Feel free to send
either or both my way via whatever means you choose.

I hope you enjoy my writing~!

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