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Name: Danni

Likes: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic (Haha, right? No. I’m serious. I’m a math geek.), Running, Food Network (again, I kid you not!),Desperate Housewives(What can I say? *shrugs innocently* Guilty pleasure), Harry Potter (yay!), Wheat Thins, and…Celery w/ peanut butter. There, of course, is much much more to add to my “likes”, but I think it would be undeniably cruel to put you through such a long list. I’ll leave it here.

Dislikes: Chocolate (yuck!), people who think they’re good at EVERYTHING and refuse to believe otherwise (Do you sense a grudge? I think NOT!), stereotypes, Richard Simmons (not so much a ‘dislike,’ but more of a ‘wierded out’), when people put ketchup on eggs and/or jelly on garlic bread (yes…I do personally know people who commit such crimes- ketchup on eggs: understandable; but jelly on garlic bread?), bubblegum toothpaste (I have NO idea how I used the stuff as a kid), and when people insult my taste in books/music/etc. (Everyone has a right to enjoy what they like without being put down, right?)


That Kat: Basically a little blurb of the imagination that went a little crazy. Of course, I still LOVE writing it…although I dunno if people love reading it…But hey! Who really cares, right? Right? …okay.

Summary: Katherine Jones and Josh Whedon are renowned for their “lovely” hate-hate relationship; but when strange and dangerous things start happening, will they finally learn to shove their hatred aside and, perhaps, find something else?

(terrible summary, I know)

Well, that about sums me up...

Thanks for reading about me! Hopefully you’re still awake…I tend to have a soporific effect on people.



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