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you aren't supposed to know.

"It's not true, what they say. Life is not a stage. Life is all that goes on behind stage, in the wings, all the intricate pieces that bring the production together. But the curtain, the tone of the music, the delivery of each line and lyric- the way the audience perceives the show is all up to you. People are not able to see backstage- they only see what is thrown at them and how. It's your show. Your life is your own- take it and run."

"You don’t love someone for the choices they make. You love them for the reasons why they made those choices."

hi read:

1) Love Him in Autumn, the Scenery is Trustworthy

2) What an Egocentric Bitch!

3) Water Thoughts

4) MeYou, Watch Out Everybody

or if you like poetry...

Litte Girls are Born Jealous or This Love that Seeps

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