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Okay, here it goes. I'm in my 20's and have been (on/off) writing for the last few years. I write fantasy, it is my passion. I love that you can really let your imagination run wild. To date I have written a trilogy and a short (companion) story that takes place in the same world and time as the trilogy (though it does not include any of the characters.) I have a new book in the works that is something new from anything I've done before. If you would like to know more about my books--or read them in their entirety--check out my site.

UPDATE: I haven't written anything in a while. Sorry. (Though I did revise a scene or two from my first book in hopes of sparking something.) I do have chapter 2 of A Princely Betrayal up on my site for those who don't already know. If anyone likes what they read and want me to continue, tell me. Maybe it will give me the push I need. Or if anyone has any ideas, whether it be about my book, my site, whatever, send me a message. I'm open to feedback.

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WARNING: All work is in its rawest form. Possible side effects may include: dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headache, and the quizzical raising of your brow.

The Elementi Series


(31 chapters @ 121,000 words)

Kari Elade spent her entire life in the Ashford forest, hiding her ability from the rest of the world. And all the while a Dream-Maker named Edan Thynnor has been searching for a talisman she possesses. When he sends men to retrieve it, Kari is forced to flee from the only home she's ever known.

Now, in the middle of something she doesn't understand, Kari searches for the answers to what she really is, and in the process finds out more than she bargained for. With the help of a mad wizard, the Ultors, a group formed to extract revenge on all Elementi, track Kari throughout Maharan in an attempt to destroy her and anyone that gets in their way.

Despite Kari's efforts, Edan seizes the talisman and she's left with only a book, written in an ancient text, to help stop him. With only a small chance that anyone alive might know the dialect, Kari and her companions travel north to the Amplus Mountains to find them.

And her journey to find the truth turns into a race to save thousands of lives.

The Dark Within:

(22 chapters @ 110,000 words)

Sucanni Muarre is a dying land, and Onisepla is their leader. In order to ensure their survival, he has chosen to risk everything by throwing his people into a bloody war with Maharan. And since the land and its resources aren't enough for the both of them, Onisepla feels he has no choice but to make room for his own.

When the first attack hits Maharan, Kari, an Elementi who is still developing her powers, witnesses the onslaught firsthand. And soon all of Maharan is trembling from thousands of foreign boots on their soil. But Kari is not about to let the people of Maharan be eradicated without a fight.

Through a friend revealing his own dark secret, they learn that the enemy's ruler has the advantage of over nine-hundred years of experience and an unnaturally quick healing ability. Kari knows that the hardships of the months before were nothing compared to what she will face in the months ahead.

Legendary Race:

(24 chapters an epilogue @ 110,000 words)

After being left in a dangerous land, halfway around the world, Kari and Ryker must find their way back home. But not only is there a bloody war raging in Maharan, there is a new threat on the horizon. An ancient evil known only as The Darkness has escaped its prison. As it grows in power, many of the darkest souls are turned into Black Eyes, beings whose only purpose is to spill the blood of the innocent.

Kari is told her soul is the key to destroying The Darkness, but still, she can't do it alone. The only ones who can help are the Legendary Race, those who imprisoned The Darkness ten thousand years ago. But they left the planet long before her birth, and Kari's not waiting around for them to return while the people of her world die.

While Kari is traveling her world, and others, for help, The Darkness is only growing stronger. In order to return to its full strength, The Darkness must take a pure soul. And it has its eyes on Kari's.

A Princely Betrayal:

(so far - 2 chapters @ 6,800 words)

What if you could never touch another living being again?

Rune faces that very same dilemma. A single touch from her will kill even the strongest of men. Unable to control her gift, she waits for a cure. Her king, Valdemar Silfversparre—the Gifted ruler of Highmoor—is close to finding the origins of their creation. But she knows he will never use it to free Rune from her curse. Instead, he plans to create an army of Gifted.

With nothing to lose, and willing to risk everything, Rune seeks out a most unlikely ally—Alaric Everhart, Prince of Whitefort and the man she’s been sent to kill. In return, she promises to help Alaric to take back his kingdom and save his family.

With betrayal at every turn, and Valdemar’s Gifted hunting them, they must fight to survive. But only together do they stand a chance. In the end, what they discover will change everything.

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