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... I write For you, In Spite of you and Inspired by you ...!?Me??

College student. Born on the Day of Childlike Fancy. I guess it shows in my writing :)

Update 21 Jan 11: LND Ch 9 is up!

Update 18 Jan 11: I'm currently overseas on holidays at the moment, but the good news is that I've stubbornly dragged my laptop halfway across the world with me, which means that I can upload the next chapter within my target date range. The even better news is that I've finished the chapter (it was a slightly difficult/ different one for me to write so I hope you like ;) ) and right now, I'm in the process of fine-tuning elements of it and proofreading so it is fit for publication (that is, until I go back on it in a month's time, peer beadily at my monitor, scream, and frantically try to cover up all my ghastly spelling and grammatical mistakes ... and repeat for every month). So, apologies for making you wait a little bit more, but I'm just trying to make it as enjoyable as possible for you when it does come out. Happy holidays everyone and all the best!

~ Only by their dreams can men be truly set free

'Twas always thus, and always thus will be ~

~ Carpe Diem:

Seize the day and make your life

Extraordinary. ~


... Portrayals of characters in my fics ...

(I own none)

Dare To Trust:


Rachel Aurelin

Jay Richemont and Him Again

Jon Liams

Lorraine Aurelin


Naomi, Rachel's mother

Living Next Door

I've got a couple but I'm not really satisfied with them.

My Stories:

Why I Hate Dating: I felt like a laugh. So I wrote it.

Just Ask: A one shot purely based on a loose idea...friends snigger in the background Okay, I lied. This was based on a real conversation between me and a guy I liked (note the past tense). One of our names have been changed. The words are pretty much the same BUT I like to stress that for creative purposes, the feelings described have been enhanced. Seriously, it doesn't sound like me at all.

Dare To Trust: Rachel puts a wall around herself, scared to let anyone in. Jay’s trust is fragile and easily broken. What happens when invisible girl clashes with the school’s hottest Goth? Mutual hatred or unexpected love? Except only this time, their pasts interfere with the present...

Living Next Door: Lynne's not your typical girl next door. She has a weird obsession with wood and likes to keep a low social profile.. So why oh why did the hottest guy in town, aka Josh Mitchells, have to be her neighbour and interfere with all of that?

My Poetry:

Your Shallow Habits: This is about a girl who lives for others in a materialistic world. When will she wake up and realise that she is almost dead before it is too late? As long as you breath, you have the choice to change. Whether you do or not it is up to you ...

This is My Love: What it love? Here is one answer.

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