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loyanofviolence PM
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I like fanfiction more than I like this site.

And I play alot of music.

I'm done putting long updates on this.
You see one of my tales, review it, I review back.
Simple as that.


By the way; DDD is still my solo musical project, and is underway still. The lineup of songs has been changed, and my genre has hit a growth point. Studio time begins this June. My project has been renamed to "SCYLLA". It exceeds any musical ideas and theories I have ever come across. It has not just one genre. If you stay posted this summer, you will see what I mean, you will enter into a musical wonder, a world that bypasses and bends the demensions of the very air you breath. A myspace music account will be made for my project when recording is well underway, and demos of the debut album (There's a Fire in my Pants and its Not an STD), shall be out this fall. Release date of the 14 track LP will be sometime during mid-winter of 07/08.

Keep writing, never forget that you can do anything you set your mind to, and I believe in every single one of you.

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