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Yo! I'm Eri! I'm the younger of the two of us... it shows, honestly... . I'm the one working behind the scenes with much more anime finesse and the Japanese language, so whenever you see it just remember it's me that's doing it... I also work with Arabic and Welsh (I'm not very good at either). I put up a link to my Welsh translator below. ^_^ My Arabic is taken from a very handy little handbook that not only gives you a wide variety of words, but also shows you subject pronouns and how to conjugate verbs (I've never really used anything but vocabulary words though... . #) I'm also the dragon expert out of the two of us and so I work more with them. I've been working with them all my life, so I know my way around relatively well.^_^ Anyway, thanks for reading our story - we appreciate it! If you have any questions about any of our writing (joint or lone) just e-mail us - I'd be happy to provide you with as much information as I can (provided Sara doesn't beat me for it... . I'm horrible at keeping secrets, she knows that...) Anyway... see you around! Love and peace! ~ Eriaen

Eriaen's Links: Welsh Translator

She is very bad at keeping secrets...but she won't let anything really important slip, would you Eri? By the way, I'm Sara, and I'm normally the one editing and fixing all the plotholes we end up having...and making sure Eri doesn't give things away. I'm the one behind the Greek we're using...thanks to a Greek dictionary, and a teacher's guidance. I also work with the Portugese, and Iuse the same site Eri does for translations. I do have lone work, posted both on fanfiction.net ( http://www.fanfiction.net/~dreamerresurrected ) and here on fictionpress under the same name ( www.fictionpress.com/~dreamerresurrected ) Original, aren't I? Yeah, so...if you do have any questions, concerning anything, feel free to email us. If we don't know the answer off the top of our heads, our 28 page background should have one hidden somewhere.We really do put a lot of work into this story, and we appreciate those who leave us reveiws. Thanks for reading! ~Sara

Live update 11/7/05
Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Heyyyy! Good morning, minna-san! ^_^ 'Tis me, Eriaen!
America: ;;dies;;
O_O Anyway... just coming around to say that we aren't dead when we don't update for weeks at a time! ^_^ I'm either gallavanting in a foreign country... ;;listens as Kaohsiung falls apart, screaming;; .U Or we're working on a chapter and don't have time for updating! Just one thing... ;;sob;; ;;begging pose;; PIZZA! I NEED PIZZA! TT_TT PLEASE, PIZZA! ;;sob;;
~ Eri

Location: Home

Hey - a short report about my trip to the Orient - it's a great place! The people are so friendly, and if you love big cities like I do, Tokyo is a place you'll love! ^_^ Anyway, still, thanks for reading our story - arigatou gozaimashita! We appreciate it much!

~ Eri

Location: Somewhere on the East Coast

Howdy, y'all. Guess who just got accepted into UMBC? 'Twas so cool...to all those who have yet to open their first letter of acceptance from a college or university, it's gonna be one of the most thrilling things you'll ever experience. I'm going to study Archeaology, and hopefully in a few years I'll end up at Brown for graduate work in Egyptology - that's the specific study of Ancient Egypt...my little obessesion. ^_^ Anyway, enough of my joyous rambling. Keep reading and reveiwing, darlings!


Location: Home...

Expect a load of updates pouring in...Blue Roses is officially finished!!!! ^_^ After an entire year of writing...it's done. At least, until we start editing and re-editing every chapter...all 30 of them, plus the epilogue and prologue. I hope you enjoy it...

Location: Bayswater, London

It's me, Eri! I have switched art pages, and my new one now appears as our homepage. I will be posting Blue Roses images there as soon as I feel like they won't spoil anything. ^_^ So check in every now and then, please! Also, I am thinking of making a file webpage to hold character info, visual and voice references, lyric translations, and other goodies (my old one's in the US, so I'll just have to work around that _) I'll be e-mailing that out as soon as I get it done. Love and peace!

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