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Hello there everyone. To quickly explain away my screen name, it is “RaineMalfoy2” because I was “RaineMalfoy” originally and my account was hacked and my stories deleted and all my reviews lost and when I contacted this site a few dozen times about it they never responded, so I had to make a new account that I hoped my old readers could find. I hate it, and I would change it, but then I think I would confuse everybody...so there you have it. Live with it, because I have to.

To all my readers -old and new- welcome-welcome!

I have a very active imagination, and I love writing about Vampires, and Werewolves, and Witches, and other such creatures, and I have dedicated a portion of my life into studying the lore of said things, and do consider myself an “authority” of sorts on Vampires and their legends and lore, so I hope that is reflected in my writings and I am able to give you a substantial but new take on an old and beloved classic.

If you ever have a qualm about lore, or a "rule" I seem to establish and then abide by in my stories, feel free to ask about it, via review or message, or an email, but be SURE to leave me a return address or contact of some sort so that I may answer your questions because I will never do so in my posted chapters, I assure you.

I love writing, and some say I have a talent for it, if you wonder how much of a talent, read something of mine and find out for yourself. I am dyslexic, horribly, so do forgive me for the many mistakes I make, but feel free to point them out to me should you find them. Simply telling me there “are a few grammatical mistakes” doesn’t help me because I could have guessed as much on my own, and I clearly missed them myself the first time around, so don’t be bashful and just flat out say “you misspelled this” or whatever. I do spell check and such, but even computers make mistakes.

I'm not vicious, so no need to be shy. Message me, check out my Deviant Art account, and please remember your manners.

Oh, btw, I am female, 21 years old, work in a bakery, I am obsessed with pokemon and Harry Potter (though the seventh book sucked balls and I think Jo is a cunt) and I am a total nerd. Deal with it.


I would like you to see and meet Raine and Christian

I write -basically- one story. My series Leave Me Here is quite vast. My characters are real to me, they talk to me, I have known them for years, and I love all of them, even the "bad guys". To help all you readers, I will introduce to you my two protagonists. No spoilers here, but I hope you like how i have drawn and portrayed them.

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