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If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, great. If not, it's probably having dinner with someone more attractive than you

-Bill Grieser

Howdy! You have officially stumbled upon the peanut gallery so sit down, take a load off and I shall tell you about myself

The name's Aria

I'm a hopeless, helpless romantic

But at the same time I'm as cynical as they come

Ok, so I have a varied personality...so sue me

I'm first and foremost a dancer...it's my forte, as y'all can see writing is not...it's my side entertainment

I have an addiction to sweet tea, country music, Cartel, and singing in the shower

My philosophy about my life goes something like "I'm me and there's nothing you can do about it"

People who are sensible about love are incapable of it.

- Douglas Yates

My favorite bands/artists are: Keith Urban, All American Rejects, Joe Nichols, Rascal Flatts, Emerson Drive, Day of Fire, Kutless, SheDaisy, Fall Out Boy, Carrie Underwood, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Kelly Clarkson, Relient K, Frank Sinatra, and and Sara Evans

My favorite books (and there are many more than I can list here) are: Under a War-Torn Sky by Laura Elliot, Pride and Prejudice & Sense and Sensibility both by Jane Austen, Castaways of the Flying Dutchman and any other Brian Jacques book, Heidi by crap, Johanna Spyri, and Flyboys by James Bradley

Favorite Movies: Gone With the Wind (Scarlet O'Hara kicks total bootie), The Patriot (not just because of Heath Ledger...maybe), Pirates of the Caribbean (can you say, Orlando Bloom???), A Knight's Tale (Heath again), The Wedding Planner (Matthew whatshisface is such a cutie), Maid in Manhattan (another good movie with Jennifer Lopez), Sweet Home Alabama (Reese Witherspoon=fabulous), Walk the Line (Reese again plus I like that it's about Johnny Cash), Elizabethtown (Orlando yet again), What a Girl Wants (Oliver James=cute and British, what more could you want?)

Favorite TV Shows:Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Numbers

EMOTION IS DEAD!! LOVE IS GAY!! And EMO bands are just singing about eating more Oreos!!

-Hunter Hall

I am officially picking back up on my story formerly titles What Hurts the Most-now called Shades of Gray. A new chapter should be up soon.

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