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To Twané (crispybea)

To a friend so bold

With a heart of gold

May she cry out in joy

As if she were a child with life as her toy

And let her sorrow be deemed

As nothing more than something bad once dreamed

~ by "the shadow in the mirror"

hey whoever reads this.

here's a bit about me

Me: My name is Twané (AKA: tiny, twain, crispy, bee, TWB, leaf (i like leaves))I was born on the 4 October 1989 (year of the snake), in South Africa. I write poetry in my spare time to dust away the cob-webs. I'm a playstation fanatic. I LOVE puppies.

Fav Colours: pink, purple, lilac, green(greenday rocks) and blue.

fav careers(to be in) : Vet or Mortician *evil laugh*

Favourite tings: well, lets see... ok i love my buddies, my PS2, da library, my eyeliner!!!!!!!(Evil look to a certain person), insence, and whatever else is pink :-) (for all u sick minds thats not what i meant...well, ok nevermind)

soulful things: i'm a total weirdo, or so they tell me. i'm usually happy but sad when they aren't looking. i hate soggy bread, but i love lasange.i'm a biology student, so i like to dig around in brains and gooey stuff. (Jokes), i treasure my buddies more than anything and once i have u i ain't lettin go, i love my family especially my big bro but thats all i'm sayin about dem. yeah ok thats about the most important stuff.

one of my fav quotes:

"A mighty pain to love it is,

and tis a pain that pain to miss;

but of all pains the greatest pain,

it is to love, but love in vain."

~ Abraham Cowley~

Bye Bye

from da Bea

P.S: please review i promise to review back.

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