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Our policy on REVIEWS:

Everyone loves getting a review, right? We're no exception. Coming online to find a new review is uplifting; especially a constructive, helpful review. That being said, we also like giving reviews as well, so if you are kind enough to review something of ours, we will most definitely be kind enough to return the favor. Hate mail is adored as well, just don't expect a response. ;-)

About Shadow:

General Information:

Let's see. I am a college student, twenty-two years old, though I do not feel my age. I have been reading fantasy novels since middle school. I started out reading Piers Anthony's Xanth novels. When I outgrew them, a friend got me hooked on Terry Brook's Shannara series (all of which I have now read at least once). I discovered my now favorite and most inspirational author in high school; Mercedes Lackey. I devoured each and every one of her Heralds of Valdemar books, finding the characters and world she had created simply wonderful! I have also read her Dragon Jousters trilogy, and just finished The Obsidian Trilogy with James Mallory. Another favorite author is Anne Rice. I love her Vampire Chronicles. None of that fluffy "Buffy" vampire crap. Rice's vampires are the best. Besides reading, I also enjoy writing fantasy and fictional work, composing song lyrics (I play piano well, and am alright on guitar), playing (Been playing six years!), birds and poultry, and cooking.

About My Work:

I would like to consider myself a decent writer. I'm not always so great with paragraphing and spelling (Though I have spell check to help me out there) but I always try to edit my work to the best of my ability. I enjoy writing fantasy stories, above all else, and my stories are often graphic in nature. I would recommend you steer clear of my work if you have issues with discussions of sex, violence, swearing, homosexuality, and other "taboo" subjects, because many (if not all) of my stories will include at least some of those themes. I am a typical writer and often procrastinate. I get writers' block, sometimes for months on end. I get bored and need to work on different stories sometimes. I appreciate gentle reminders to update, but please do not be rude.

About Sun:

General Info:

I'm Shadow's lighter side, when Shadow goes dark I try to shine through. I tend to reject real life, though in reality mine isn't too bad. I have three children with my spouse and a mundane 'real' job. I'm also twenty-two but find college too conventional, if I'm destined for 'greater things' they'll find me. I also have an addiction to fantasy but no favorite author as I find that playing favorites tends to narrow the mind. Lastly, I know that I may come across as distant or unfriendly, but I'm not. Truly, I'm the more personable of we two. Strange, eh?

About My Work:

Decent writer? Questionable, but I've been known to tell a decent story. Our techniques differ, but often our stories are graphic. I tend to be more violent, Shadow more sexual, either way, 'taboo' is a thing of the past. I'm not as prone to writer's block, but I do lose interest easily and jump from one story to another. (Often our characters pester me, all fighting for attention, and I have to acknowledge them.) As Shadow mentioned previously, friendly reminders are encouraged, but don't be rude. A squeaky wheel gets the oil but if it continues to squeak it is replaced.

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