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Well, times change and not much is currently happening on my writing scene. I don't think I'll ever finish my novels :(. Nowadays I am a seminarian. After all these years, yes, that has finally happened.

Also, retrying DotS in Eugene Onegin Stanza. Would like opinions:

One day I donned my well-worn lab coat,

And as I ventured to the stage

A fearsome figure from his dread-tote

Did draw a gun in sudden rage.

A mighty glow o’erwhelmed my senses

And right away I fell in winces.

I woke after what seemed such years,

Wond’ring what sort of smoke and mirrors

Could cause this sudden loss of thinking,

Or even more could leave me faint

While time enough had had no paint

The time to dry while I’d been sleeping.

I let it be, the question droll,

And ordered “Let the cameras roll!”

The advertising breaks then ended,

I straightened out my bow-tie fast,

And so the sponsors be not offended,

I kept this anonce not till last:

“My friend, my brother, let me pitch it,

What from Aaronco beats a widget,

It’s New Spam I assure you now.

But wait and see, my dears, just how.

It tastes much better than the old Spam;

It even stays good overnight,

And stench will never cause a fight,

So buy it now, Messieurs et Mesdames.”

“What nonsense is this?” I exclaim.

“Am I a scientist so tame?”

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