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Okay, so, I love reviews just as much as the next writer. Probably more so than most, because it really encourages me to keep writing. But please do not review my stories with advertisements for your websites promoting illegal merchandise. Like, really? I just got 20 reviews on LNETHU all about the same exact thing (i.e cheap Jordans and Nikes) but with NOTHING to do about my story :( I think there's probably a place to do that, if you really want to, but it's not fictionpress... just a thought. :P


New story! It's called Collision Course, and I'm hoping it catches people's interest. Although I wouldn't be surprised if I lost the majority of my readers due to my ridiculously long hiatus. Well, I'm remaining optimistic! I've already begun to fall in love with my new characters, hopefully others will too. Happy reading. :)

Just a a little side-note... Collision Course is sort of a writing exercise for me. It's my goal to put the idea of "Plot grows out of character" to the test. I want to really focus on the development of the characters instead of just a plot. Basically I'm going to let the characters tell the story, and I'm just the person who'll probably suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome eventually :P This is definitely different than the usual writing style I go for (so bear with me please!) but I really want to give it a shot. Hopefully it'll help my writing improve, and it should be fun too! :)

On the whole plagarism note...

I have to say that at first I was very angry about the whole plagarism thing. And I actually chose to stop posting on here for a while, in fear that my hard work would be stolen like so many other writer's work has been lately. But then I really thought about it, and decided that I'm not going to let the people who are lame enough to steal other people's hard work make me give up my passion for writing. However, I'll only be posting the stories I write to keep me sane and not the ones I really pour myself into, because if some one stole one of those I know I'd be heartbroken. So... I will be posting new chapters and new stories as soon as I have the time.

Life continues to get in the way, as usual, so bear with me please :)


Hit or Miss Character List!

Hit or Miss Character Pictures!

Warning: Swearing is used in the stories I write- given not unbearable, but it's there- so if that bothers you they might not be the right ones to read. ; )

Also, LNETHU was my first story and it is very... what's the word I'm looking for... terrible? Haha, seriously, there are a lot of mistakes so I advise that you read at your own risk. ;)

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