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Welcome to the place where...

...you are forced to rethink what you believe to be absolute truth...

...you open up your soul to allow compassion for your fellow man to shine through...

...you will laugh your butt off.



I'm still chugging like The Little Engine that Could.

I promise.

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Child of Philosophy

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I'm just here to rant about stuff, literary or otherwise.

Because I can.

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Fair Warning: I am anti-Twilight. That's right. The big vampire saga that has captured the malleable minds of teenagers everywhere, I can't stand it. Although for you Twilight-lovers, this won't be bashing the entire book or the movie. Simply some of the things about vampires I've noticed in other written works besides Twilight.

Now lately, I have read some vampire books that frankly make me wonder what this world has come to. Don't get me wrong, I am all for creative LONG AS YOU GIVE SUITABLE EXPLANATIONS BACKING UP YOUR LIBERTIES. This goes for all stated facts that you choose to mess around with. Now vampires are some of my favorite mythical creatures. I don't like when writers screw around with them and not give the proper reasons as to why they do what they do.

Here's some examples.

1. Vampires are creatures of the Night.Yes, the part of the day where the sun sets and everything gets dark? Yep, that's what I'm talking about. You really need some thorough explanations to convince me that vampires may roam the streets in sunlight much less sparkle. Come on. I'm not saying it can never be done, although I will object strongly. It just needs to be justified without insulting the intelligence of human beings everywhere.

2. If your vampires are going to have different... levels, ranks, or whatever. Please label them accordingly and label them with names that don't make me feel like I'm reading a book meant for third-graders. Case in point : "Drone, soldier, emperor, Vlad, etc." Uh no.

3. Vampires cannot have babies. They are dead. The dead cannot give life. They might through some other means, but the whole becoming pregnant and giving birth to a vampire baby, nope. Not even with a human. A vampire, male or female, cannot make life. The end.

4. Vampires able to shift into other creatures besides bats. WTF? Since when? Now if the vampire in question used to be a sorcerer or becomes a sorcerer after death, then okay, I'll buy it. But for natural-born vamps to transform into a variety of animals. I don't think so.

5. Vampires having so much power, a familiar/"thrall"/ help is needed. Again, since when? Besides super fast strength, speed, and senses, vampires don't have such grandiose power as to need additional help. I can only think of the sorcerer/witch/whatever you want to call them thing to apply.

Blurb 2

Close Elevator Button

Really? Is waiting that extra two seconds gonna kill you? If I have to run (which if you've seen me run, you know it's a crime to man) on heels huffing and puffing to make it before the elevator closes only to see it was your mother friggin' FINGER pushing the button, you best smack yourself before I do it for you.

You will not lose anything to let the elevator shut its doors on its own time. What happens when you sigh impatiently and then start pressing the button as if it was your sole purpose in life? You send this message: "Hey... I'm a douche bag."

So, leave the close door button ALONE unless you are absolutely sure the hall is empty. It doesn't make you look cool or agile. It makes you look selfish and stupid.

Thank you.

Things to know...

When you read my stories.

1. Be prepared for unorthodox and unconventional ideas, plots, and events. It's just the way I function in life. I can't say you'll always agree with my ideas, but you can't say I didn't warn you.

2. My stories are all as diverse as can be. I'm extremely versatile and will not post a story unless I'm sure it's different than anything else I have posted. Although I'm a romantic by nature and so most stories will go under that category.

3. Almost all my stories have and will have sexual undertones (as in that's not all they're about, but sex will definitely play a part).

4. Almost all of my stories will eventually have an M rating simply for the above reason and language.

5. NEVER stop reading after the first chapter (unless it's all one big paragraph or the grammar completely throws you off). The first chapter just might suck so give it a couple more before you decide if it's for you. This goes for any stories you ever read.

6. DO NOT read ten chapters and then tell me you hate my work. You look really stupid.

7. My stories are a work in progress. I will edit and re-edit for a while. Expect changes with the first couple of chapters in every story at some point. I'll be sure to give notice when I do.

8. If I receive criticisms that come off as condescending or even rude, expect nothing, no-thing. I'm too busy to care. End of message.

9. My updates are not as frequent as I would like, but have no doubt that I'm working on my stories.

10. If you don't like something about my stories, move on to something else. Don't bother letting me know. Further explained below.


I have grown up (no seriously I have. I'm a young adult now), so I am less of a hot head about people taking the time to point out a few flaws. Do I like it? Probably not. Does that mean I'm always right? No. Will I always listen? No. Will I take the time to read what you have to say. YES.

If you take the time to give an opinion. I will take the time to read it, regardless if I end up taking it into consideration or not. But I still stand by what I wrote some years ago: I post stories because I enjoy writing and want to share what I have written with whomever wants to read.

Now if you tell me: your story sucks, I'm reading something else (no matter how long-winded or eloquent you make it out to be) then okay. You will have zero effect on me because I have twice as many people who agree that you are a waste of a fetus.

If you don't agree with where a story is headed both in theme or plot, then feel free to walk away. You won't offend me. It's not your cup of tea. I'm sorry to hear it, and I hope you'll find something more suitable to your taste.

All I ask is that you be respectful and that you show humility as every human being should. "I went to Snootie Tootie University and have a doctorate in Top-Notch English and Literature with a minor in How To Properly Look Down On Someone's Point of View in Written Form, so therefore I must conclude your work is sub-par, and I will state it so for all to see and follow my lead" - simply will not cut it. Don't judge. No matter who you are, you have no right, especially if an author explicitly states: DO NOT JUDGE.

Be kind. Be compassionate. Act like your heart still beats and is not frozen and cracked from its dormant state.

In the words of great authors everywhere: "Don't like it, don't read."

Current Stories:


Rating: M

Warning(s): Sexual Themes and Adult/Mature situations, Minor Language

Summary: Long ago, Xerxes was cast out of Heaven by a dark unknown betrayal. He has accepted his place in life as not part of Heaven or Hell. He is torn between the line of nonexistence and double identity until he meets Kaila. A young girl who is more likely to trip over her own feet rather than change the fate of destiny. Yet in this girl... Xerxes finds that being dark... doesn't mean being evil...

Hiatus Until Further Notice:

A Fine Line

Rating: M

Warning(s): Coarse Language, Adult/Mature situations, and Sexual Themes

Note: I have reached a point onto which I have decided a thorough revision is in order. There are some aspects of the story I find lacking or not well explained at the very least. I find I can't move on until these mistakes are carefully scrutinized. I can't tell at this point how long it will take, but be secure in the fact that I am working on this story. I have not abandoned it. It just needs a little editing.

Summary: A teenage prodigy meets the multi-billionaire CEO of a large company. Apathy, fire, and philosophy clashes with compassion, tranquility, and logic. What do these have in common? Absolutely nothing. Yet love cannot distinguish between age or any man made restrictions and hits both hard. Stephan Espy fights his raging fondness of the teenage girl, and Mia Bryer finds herself facing a concept she cannot begin to understand...

The Secrets of the Ice Queen

Rating: T-- Will most likely go up to M.

Warning(s): Mature/Adult Themes, Violence, Sexual Themes, and Minor Drug Use

Note: Ch.2 is now up, Ch.3 is finished, and Ch.4 is in the works.

Summary: My name is Sarina D' Aubigne. I have only one goal in life: to rule. Anything and Everything. I am Queen of Golden Summers High School. I don't feel, and I definitely don't love. I... don't know how. That can't ever change. Not even for a Gothic Artist who stole my heart.

The Secrets of the Gothic Artist

Rating: T-- Will most likely go up to M.

Warning(s): Coarse Language, Violence, Drug Abuse, and Sexual/Adult Themes

Note: This story goes hand-in-hand with The Secrets of the Ice Queen. This one is told from Jayden's POV. Ch.3 in the works.

Summary: My name is Jayden Fay. I'm a Goth with a talent for art. Don't judge. I have simple goals in life:to graduate high school and to get into the SAIC. Simply right? Let me tell, hooking up with The Queen of my school aka The Biggest Bitch You'll Ever Meet is NOT part of the plan.

I've been MIA from this site for a very long time. Forgive me if I did not reply to any messages. I think by now you've given up on the answer. However I will be replying as of this day, so feel free to message me.


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