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Name: Cassandra Hanson

Nickname(s): Cassie,Cass, Casserz, Ce-Ce Chan, Sassie, Cassilicious, etc.

Sex: Female

Age: 13! Geez, it took a while. ;)

Hobbies: Writing(duh), reading, chatting, listening to music,some sports ;)... other stuff. :P

Favorite singers/bands: Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, 10 Years, Nickelback, Anna Nalick, t.A.T.u., Christina Aguilara(sp?), and many others.

More things to know about me: I live in Wisconsin with my parents and two sisters. I also have two brothers and a cat and dog. I have many friends, some being computer friends I met over forums. I've heard that I'm very nice, funny, smart, and creative, but... I don't really think those are the best words to describe me. ;) But that's for you to figure out. :D

What I write about: Mostly emotions I feel or what other people feel. I'm human (amazingly) and I feel everything everyone else does, like pain, heartache, happiness, depression, excitement, anger. It's natural. And my way of expressing these feelingsis through songs and poetry. Moreideas I have tried to use are romance (pssh, that didn't really work out), nature, fantsay, dark, etc.

One day, it was brought to my attention by someone (ahem, Alyssa :P) that I wrote more angsty-type songs than really happy songs. Well, I am usually happy, yes, but it's hard to express happiness through writing for me. If I'm happy about something, possibly new friend, new lover, da da da, then maybe, just maybe, I could put it in words. But when I'm in a negative mood (sad, angry), I have a better chance of letting it out better. It's just something that comes more simpler for me.

Well, that's really all I can think of for things about me. If you'd like to know me even more (don't know why you would, though), here's the link to my xanga: http:///Forevah_Cassilicious

Also, my AIM, Yahoo!, and MSN screennames/e-mail addys:

AIM: cjhanson0220
Yahoo!: evamylee0220 for messenger, evamylee0220@ and sassiecassie0220@ for e-mail. (I rarely look at my sassie... e-mail, so please go with my first e-mail add. Thanks.
MSN: sassiecassie0220@

Thanks for reading and please read and review my work.^_^

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