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My name is Sam Towns, I'm from Perth Western Australia. I'm a big military and firearms buff (as you may guess from my stories). My brother's got some new stories coming up soon. R&R my stories if you can! Any constructive critiscism is welcome, but no flaming, I have enough of that already.

Wrath of the Gods: After the Greek Gods are ressurected, Blaze and Shadow are called upon to defeat them.

First Blood: First mission for Chip and Skywolf, they must assassinate Bjarkopf Dichnicov, a ruthless Russian Mafia leader, in the cold harsh plains of Siberia.

Chaotic Circle: A stand alone failure, Brian "Bucks" Johnson and his mercenary unit are carrying out a mission when they are ambushed and sent into the Chaotic Circle.

ADU Prequel: Gives background information on Skywolf, Chip and the ADU. Most successful, but worst of the stories here.

TDS: The Divine Soldiers: Three friends, after surviving a horrific terrorist attack, are plunged head first into another world war. thrilling rollercoaster, may be confusing. R&R please.


Eaglewolf:my brother on this site, he doesnt have any stories up yet.

Sambo:my friend who has some stories.

Thanks for reading, if you read a story please review they are appreciated!!

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