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02/01/2017 These days I write fanfiction over at AO3. If you are into that stuff you can go check it out. Also I have a ton and a half of half finished drafts but nothing to show other people for now.

I wrote a few short-stories for SSBB. They are slash. They contain smexing. They are quite good (if I can say so myself). Shousetsu Bang Bang is a free online magazine that comes out every two months and offers you slash short stories, it's on livejournal and has its own website, you don't need any account or anything to read it and I really encourage anyone who likes slash/yaoi/mxm/whateveryoucallit to go check it out. Here are my stories

I wrote a kind of prequel for How To Survive A Paranormal Research Center. As a present for Sukidayo (beta reader who gave birth to Angela and rewrote all her dialogues to give her an amazing mix of italian and english slang, I'll miss working with her), I wrote a short-story whose prompt was given by the birthday girl. Prompt was: Anthony. The story is about him but, in a way, it's also about Angela. It's not slash though. I can't write slash all the time, I'd get tired :P

About myself


Born in 1988

Live in Europe

Maternal language: French

You can also follow me on livejournal (I don't use it often though), the link is http:///.

And I am on Archive of Our Own http:///users/Mewenn

I promised some links about my story "Someone Unknown" since it was written for a contest. Here they are:

Link to the contest rules

Link to the artist's profile

À propos de moi


Née en 1988

Vit en Europe

Est de langue maternelle française.

Écris beaucoup en anglais.

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