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My Biodata

Name : Ami (i will not reveal my real name in public)

Nickname : Ami,Hakkai,Cho Gonou,psychiotic girl who loved Kami-sama way too much,Seravi(touya called me this),Ryo(Fumi),Ryo-Ohki (Tsubame aka Setsuko-chan),Oniichan(again,Tsubame).

Age : Already 17.

Weight : 52 kg

Same weight as : Son Goku (Gensomaden Saiyuki)

Height : 162 cm

Same height as : Son Goku(Gensomaden Saiyuki)

D.O.B : 22nd October 1985

P.O.B : Malaysia

Blood Type : AB

Characters that has same bloodtype : Himura Kenshin,Seta Soujirou,Hotaru Tomoe,Chihiro,Mei Lin,Yamazaki and Yukito,Cho Hakkai.

Hair color : Black with streaks of red brown color sometimes.

Eye color : Dark brown.

Gensomaden personalities
Genjo Sanzo - Hates noisy people,stuff and places,hates publicity,rather stay alone doing my own business.

Cho Hakkai - Keeps feelings inside,unknown mood that keeps changing even though you see me being calm,likes to drink tea.

Son Goku : Whines a lot.Yes,i do whine.

Sha Gojyo : I'm a bit pervertic.Really.

Ni Jyeni : Doing weird stuff,talks to dolls,play with other people's minds like dolls,doing weird experiments you never wanted to hear about.

Chin Isou : Love playing mahjong tile in my computer.Just love it.

Kamisama : Torturing and taunting other people,making their lives miserable.

Koumyou Sanzo : Like Genjo Sanzo,loves to be by myself,loves peace,hates noise.Often makes weird but meaningful quotes.

Kougaiji : Uhh...no personalities of him but i do have a step-mom...which i never seen or knew about.

Fav Food : Anything is good.Wait,pizza and chicken.

Fav drink : Carbornated drinks as long it got the caffeine.Tea is also caffeinated.Qoo drink from Japan's Coca Cola.

Current Studies Status : Graduated high school.Whoohooo!!!

Hobbies : Watching anime,drawing anime,listening to Singapore's Japanese Radio station (i just love DJ Yasuyo..),having anything to do with Japanese.

Fav.Jap bands : T.M Revolution,V6,Arashi,Kinki Kids,SPEED,Every Little Thing,Tackey and Tsubasa.

Fav.Jap solo artist : Ayumi Hamasaki,Namuro Amie,Doumoto Tsuyoshi.

Fav.Phrases : Oi,Baka,F*k,@$$hole,yare yare,ara ra,damn it,bub.

: Japan.

to watch : Wrestling.

Fav.Wrestler : Hulk Hogan(What? He's my childhood hero)

Fav.Anime : Gensomaden Saiyuki,Tenchi Muyo,Sailormoon,DragonBall,Hana Yori Dango,Ninja Boy,Yu-Gi-Oh,Rurouni Kenshin,Sakura Wars,Digimon,Pokemon,ZOIDS,Cardcaptor Sakura,Ranma 1/2,Slam Dunk,Yuyu Hakusho,Doraemon,Whistle!,The Slayers,Pokemon,Neon Genesis Evangelion,Dual!,Romancer,Wild Half,Beyblade,GTO,Eiji the Psychometer Boy,Detective Conan,Fantasia Sakura Tetsu,Naruto,Wild Adapter,Medabots,Hamtaro,Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl,Popolocrois,The Jinkembo of Young Kindaichi,Gundam Wings,Majin Hero Wataru,X.

Fav.Character : Washuu & Ryoko(Tenchi Muyo),Vegita(DBZ),Mudo Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh),Himura Kenshin,Soujirou Seta and Hiko Seijurou(Rurouni Kenshin),Ranma(Ranma 1/2),Taichi Yagami(Digimon 1),Ken Ichijouji(Digimon 2),Ruki Makino(Digimon Tamers),Cho Hakkai,Kami-sama,Homura,Ni Jyeni,Tenpou Gensui,Konzen Douji,Kanzeon Bosatsu,Jiroushin(Gensomaden and Gaiden Saiyuki)Kirishima and Yamazaki(Sakura Wars),Mamoru Chiba(Sailormoon),Li Syaoran,Eriol Hiiragizawa,Spinel Sun,Yukito,Yue(Cardcaptor Sakura),Zell & Rezo the red priest(The Slayers),Gary Oak(Pokemon),Kaworu(Neon Genesis Evangelion),Raven(ZOIDS),Kai(Beyblade),Onizuka Eikithi(GTO),Shinichi Kudo(Detective Conan),Tooru(Eiji),Hiei & Youko Kurama(YuYu Hakusho)Subaru and Yuto(X),Makoto Kubota(Wild Adapter).

Characters that has the same birthdate : Minako Aino(Sailormoon)

Soundtracks i owned : Saiyuki 1st,2nd and 3rd Image Album,Saiyuki Single Collection,Digimon 02 Best Hit Parade,Digimon Best Evolution,Final Fantasy IX soundtrack,Rurouni Kenshin Best Original Soundtrack.

Favourite Anime Song : Sobakasu (Rurouni Kenshin), Tactics (Rurouni Kenshin) , Towa no Mirai (Rurouni Kenshin the movie) , Heart of Sword (Rurouni Kenshin) , Braveheart (Digimon 01) , Break Up! (Digimon 02) , The Biggest Dreamer (Digimon Tamers) , 3 Primary Colors (Digimon Tamers) , For Real (Saiyuki) , Still Time (Saiyuki) , Alone (Saiyuki) , Open Up Your Mind (Saiyuki) , Heaven's Door (Wild Adapter aka Araiso) , Knockout Drop (Wild Adapter) , Freedom (Saiyuki Image Album) , Bunny Doll (Saiyuki Image Album) , Shooting Star (Saiyuki Image Album) , Junk Boys (Saiyuki Image Album) , Bitter Fruits (Saiyuki Image Album) , See the Sun (Saiyuki Image Album) , Way to Paradise (Saiyuki Image Album) , Looking for The World (Saiyuki Image Album) , Forever Love (X the movie).

Animals i liked : Everything that considers yucky and scary to other girls,like snakes,caterpillars,bla bla bla.

Friends on FF net : Fumi Ayakoganei,Mai Takenouchi

Specialty on : Humor fics,taunting.

Dislike : Rude people,annoying life forms on earth,be it human or animals.

Dreams : To be cartoonist.

Bad things i've done : Eat candies while teacher ain't looking,sleeping in class,daydreaming in class,drawing cartoons in my text book and exercise books,influencing my friends to like Saiyuki wah ha ha ha ha XD.

Favourite quote : "Do we need a reason to help someone?"-Zidane Tribal-FFIX
"Do you believe in God?"-Ukoku Sanzo-houshi(former Ni Jyeni)

and owned : All Final Fantasy series(except for Playstation 2's FFX),Chrono Trigger,Popolocrois II,Croc,Mario,Klonoa,Digimon Adventures 1 and 2,Digimon Rumble Arena,Digimon Tamers,Digimon Card Battle 1 and 2,Yu-Gi-Oh:Forbidden Memories,Wild Arms 2,Chocobo Dungeon,Chocobo Stallion,Rhapsody,Harvest Moon GBC and PS,Vagrant Story,Chocobo Racing,Spyro the Dragon 2,X game,Kyo Samurai Deeper,Beyblade 2002.

Games i've finished : All i've stated above.

Genre : RPG and strategic.

character : Cloud Strife and Sephiroth(ffvii),Squall Leonhart(ffviii),Kuja(ffix),Prince Pietoro (popolocrois),Bahamut(Chocobo Racing),Ashley Winchester (Wild Arms 2), Irving Valeria (Wild Arms 2).

Fav.Eidolons/GF : Bahamut,Queazacotl,Doomtrain,Carbuncle,Leviathan.

Abilities : Able to understand one's language even though i don't even know the language is.(jap) and drawing cell pictures of japanimation.

Succesful fic i have written : Saiyuki in Fairytales.

Highest reviews so far : 71

Second succesful fic : Earlier Days With A Saru

Second highest reviews : 40

Books i treasured most : Saiyuki Backgammon book, chinese Saiyuki Fan Club book,Saiyuki no.9 manga,Saiyuki Gaiden.

One person i would like to kill : The person that bought the last box of DVD set of Saiyuki season 2.

Friends i have once in ICQ(which is now already dead) : Setsuko-chan,Isamu,Karasu etc etc.

People i worshipped : Those who have damn high reviews for their fics.I worshipped you,Fumi.

Subjects i like : English

Subjects i hate : Math,Add math,accounts,history.

Persons that are close to me : My mom,my best friend,Fumi and my cuz.

Health Problem : Stupid curses asthma,imsomnia.

Current record for being sick : 4 times in 1 month

Wish : To resurrect my dead passport so i could go to Singapore.Duh.

Anime Movies i have : Ranma 1/2 Big Trouble in Little China,DVD Cardcaptor Sakura 2nd movie:The Enchanted Cards,VCD Cardcaptor Sakura 1st movie,Rurouni Kenshin Ishishinshi no Requiem,Yuyu Hakusho the movie 1 and 2,Tenchi Muyo in Love 2,Sen to Chihiro Kamikakushi: Spirited Away,X the movie.

Chinese actor i like : Stephen Chow.

Anime Movies i've seen : Ghost in the Shell,Jin Roh Wolf Brigade,Spriggan then movie,and all movies i've stated above.

Type of shows i like to watch : Ghost stories.Mwah ha ha ha ha...

Junks i got in my room : Over 100 weekly chinese-translated manga book,a Mew plushie,a small Mimitchi doll,hundreds of anime books which i dunno where i put them.

Anime books i have : YuYu Hakusho(All),DragonBall Z (half),3x3 Eyes,Oh My Goddess,Gensomaden Saiyuki manga 9,Gaiden Saiyuki(chinese translated),ChibiMaruko,Rurouni Kenshin,Ranma 1/2,GTO,KREKO.

If i were to be given a million dollars : I will go to Japan,buy a house,live there forever,supply myself with neverending anime stuff plus buy PS2,XBOX,Gamecube,bla bla bla.

Type of clothes i love to wear : Long sleeved shirt.I hate to wear short sleeves.

One thing i hate most : People staring me in the eyes.I can't take it.Creepy.

Personal quote
"If we just let fate control our lives,isn't that the same as a lifeless puppet?We are the puppet and God is the puppeteer."

The Personaliy of the one entity called Ryo

Named from the cabbit from Tenchi Muyo,this is not a regular carrot munching,change into a spaceship in just mere seconds ,this is the carrot hating kind,that didn't change into a spaceship too.This is just a regular teenage girl,and not a cabbit.Her personalities might vary,so there's no guessing what mood she'll be when you pounce on her.Known widely as the "Cloner" or the "Mimicker",she will succesfully mimick or clone anything or everything that she wishes.Especially on drawings.Whichever that caught her attention,that drawing skills will be cloned by her.A bit temper tantrum at times,but still a kind hearted girl.Beware,she may change into a heartless creature within seconds.Just mind not to pay around with her destructive switch button.Another alter ego side of the other girl called Ami,this one bears most of her hidden side and personalities.

I live with no purpose but to just go with the flow of time and space.-Ryo

Biodata on this so called cabbit but not even one
Name : Ryo
Specialty : Cloning and mimicking
Underlings : Alex Tribal,Kamisama,Chin Isou
Weapon : Don't have one.Just asked underling to do the job.
Personality : May vary from time to time.
Weakness : Pitifull things that whimpered and whined.
Advantage : Care for some of my tauntings,anyone?
Hobby : Torturing people with my underlings.Having fun with Kamisama,Fumi?Hehe...
Accessory : Like Hakkai's youkai limiter,but for different purposes.

Latest News (07/2/2003)
Currently watching : 2nd Opening Song for Wild Arms 2 - 2nd Ignition
Currently Listening : Same as above.
Currently playing : Wild Arms 2 - 2nd Ignition
Currently Drawing : Futile attempt to draw Ashley.
Current mood : I-Luv-You-Ashley!! *ahem* mood.
Current Obsession : Wild Arms 2 - 2nd Ignition
Currently Eating : TAKOYAKI!!!!! *Kero style*
Currently Drinking : Qoo drink in bottle form,orange flavour.

Fanfictions in The Making

Yo minna! Finally i got the gears in my brain to start working,so expect to see a few new chapters uploaded some time soon.If you wanna know what the chapters are then see the following list.This will only start after i come back home from my holiday.

The Little Gun Boy
- 10% finished
- Humor
- Gensomaden Saiyuki
-Synopsis : Poor lil' Sanzo...or to be precise,Kouryuu walked down the lone road,with cold snow covering every part of his body,trying vainly to sell the bullets he's been selling.What oh what will happen next i wonder?...

Chapters for Fics Done

Saiyuki Rugrats
-Chapter 3=You're still my friend

Saiyuki in the Fairytales
-Chapter 12= Rumpelgoku
-100% done.
-already uploaded


To Fumi: *is being glomped on* Sou sou,i know.Hey,you didn't shut the tagline for the underline code...all of your words are underlined...Hmm...those friends you're referring...was it me? Heh.. anyways,thanks again for the screen tones (although it's still not here yet) Hope it'll arrive before i went to KL because i don't wanna rely on my sis to get it for me,because she's always asleep during daytime.

Alex : Oh my God! Your sis is a vampire!! *runs away,shrieking like a girl*
Ryo : Uhhh...

Anyways,i just got back from City Square...bleh...that J-pop CD shop is closed...damn,how long are they gonna celebrate Chinese New Year?? All other shops are already opened.Geh...anyways i grab a Ranma 1/2 DVD for fun...another collection added in.

Alex : Mmm...can't wait to see Ranma in tight bikini suits...
Ryo : Baka hentai 're the same species as Happosai...
Alex : Hey at least i don't STEAL underwears.

Owh...my aching feet...sore aafter all those sis must've purposely torture me by walking around the mall for 2-3 times i'm forced to stand on the bus because ll the seats are full and my sis gets to sit in a chair!! Not fair!!!

Ah shit...pops gave me just 100 bucks...plus 50 from mom...i've used half of it so it's back to 100 bucks.Oh well,might as well spend it on some manga or some screen tones...maybe getting that Saiyuki Requiem movie.

AGHH!! Noooo!! Baka memory card erased all my save file!! There goes my WA2 save file...good thing i manage to finish it in time but i wanna access the movie menu over and over again!! Mou...baka card... *Throws it into a river* Now i'm currently replaying the game,just for i'm at the Quartly town..hoho...just a few more mission to Disc 2...

A note to fellow fic readers,i will be absent for a period of 1 week or so because i'm on a don't worry,when i'm back i'll post up batches of new chapters because i'm gonna burn my sis's comp bwah ha ha ha ha. And Fumi,get your stuffs ready coz i'm coming to your town.Okay,i gotta stop shoulder are fact,my whole body is in pain.Ja~~

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