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"Remember that death is not the end, but merely a transition"
- Hypnotherapist, Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory, Dream Theater.

Hello fellow wielders of the pen,

I have been reading a couple of profiles, if this is indeed what you call these, and am very much in awe of what people can say about themselves. I don't mean any offense at all, I admire it actually, it's just that I have never accurately put my existence on paper, be it prose ot poetry,or in this case, online. That remains one of my greatest challenges. So for now you will have to get to know me through my work.

The best I can give you are snippets of my existence. Small parts of the big picture, so to say. I am an avid reader of many books. I will read anything once but I particularly am fond of Fantasy-Fiction. I love reading universes that exists in different writer's minds.

I am very opinionated. I definitely respect opinion and expect others to do so as well. Don't get me wrong, yes, I do respect opinion but that doesn't mean that I have to like it just as you don't have to like my opinions. I debate from time to time and still believe in this exercise as what it originally is intended for and that is the exchange of ideas from one mind to another, I hate debaters that get on a podium and suck up to the adjudicator just for the win.

I am a poet and prose writer, my poetry perhaps needs some worksince it has been a very long time since I have written anything decent. I have been writing since fourth grade and have a little grudge against some of my Theme Writing teachers for stunting some creative growth through their standards and closemindedness.

I am also in love with music. I like rock a lot and am into progressive metal as well, specifically Dream Theater the greatest band of all time. IMO. My favorite guitarist is John Petrucci and I have been listening to him since 2nd grade. I hate posers because they destroy the essence of what is left of rock. I also love musicals and the theater. Isn't that weird a rock fan who loves musicals? I have written a script and will try to put it up here sometime. Vampires, Dream Theater and music have special places in my heart.

Hmm... what more to say? I have many likes and dislikes. I am a devoted Christian, and I'd like to say that just because I like rock doesn't make me anti-christian. To prove my point, listen to Petra & Switchfoot (yes, they are a Christian band). And no, Dream Theater is not anti-christian, I'll be glad to elaborate but then again... I'd be delighted to meet other people with similar interests. I am weird and I revel in my weirdness.

Closemindedness causes even the greatest of men thier downfall.

Be of an open mind.

Forbidden: This story is now officially complete, but I'm still working on the editting. Okay, another thing, I'll admit it. It really takes a lot of time for me to edit. And the Second instalment of the (Yay, Ifinally decided on what to call it!) Redemption Trilogy, is still solidifying in my head so. It might be awhile before I put it up. Alright,I guess that's about it.

June 7, 2006

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