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I'm Jennifer, and I'm no longer young. I have grown up, I have grown happy, I have grown into the woman I always longed to be. Unfortunately, I have lost my inspiration, but I am trying to gain it back. Slowly, slowly, it will come.

Read and enjoy, or read and hate. Just have fun.

I encourage you to read my new and old stuff. It shows how much I've grown. Althought now, it's pretty much all old.

42 have reinspired me, again.

"...poetry is the highest form of self-deception." -Wicked.

"...and the poets are just kids who didn't make it..." -Fall Out Boy

"...there is poetry in despair..." -AFI

"...and you want to be dressed in poetry, but imagery doesn't fit..." -Cute Is What We Aim For

"...you're standing in the doorway singing songs to my old poetry." -1997

"...am I crazy cause I read poetry? Words dont scare me they're intruiging!" -Triangle Shirt Factory

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