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Hello, I'm J Gray. I am also on fanfiction.net with the same screen name, you should go on there and read my stories.

The stories that I am writing:

Miracle Knights: Ch1 is up. This is a romantic yet very much with action and adventure. The show takes place in a place called Knight Island. Knight Island is an island, newly discovered, that is under the control of France. Two people are in love, but neither are allowed to ever say they were in love. The boy is has a girlfriend, while the girl has a secret. The girl's secret is what soon will cause them adventure.

ErrolGuardian came up with the name of the story.

Not Very Good At Summaries.

On An Updated Note: 8/18/13

There will be a remake of this story soon. I will post it up when it's ready.

Stories Coming Soon:

Celestial Guardians: Celestrial and Ikerah were ordinary teens until one day they find these necklaces in some ruins of Celestial City. Romance/Action/Adventure. Ikerah is very protective of the Celestrial and is always there to protect her. She is very annoyed by Ikerah because of his attitude toward her. he acts like she's not smart or strong enough to take care of herself.

I'm not good at SUMMARIES!!! The story is better than it sound.

YamaYin: Humor/Action/Adventure. Although it is Humorous, it could be dramatc at the same time. Yin is a rich boy from Germanywho lives with his father. After some strange things, he moves away to Japan to live with his always emotional yet too dramticmother and his half wit popular sister. After some more crazy stuff, they end up in an adventure.

Not Very Good At Summaries. The story is better than it sound.

Hiei's Destiny: Hiei travels the world for a girl whom he loved with his whole heart. Hiei lived an ordinary life until some crazy dreams and a phone call that would change his life. His best friend disappear from an flight. An evil guy tries to kill him and tells him that he'll never get her back. He meets different people, who sometimes join him because they all want revenge on the same guy or a guy on the same team as that guy. Others join him because of his compassion.

Not Very Good At Summaries. The story is better than it sound.

Realistic Dreams: Drama/ Angst/ Action/ AdventureA boy who is tormented by the way he looks so dfferent. A boy who is a english white boy and Puerto Rican lives in the worst part of town. He goes to a rich kid's because of the little money he gets form his father. His mother is divorced from the father because he was ashamed of his son. They live in a small place with 2 other families, he is the only young child.

He starts to see crazy things and death is all around him. The world is left to him to save.

Not Very Good At Summaries. The story is better than it sound.

Elemental Gates: The girl that is Ken's girlfriend is the star of this story. She is a model, and never really livd an ordinary life. She goes to a Private School. Thsis is before ken and her were a couple.

A locket she is given changes her life; she is left to save the world while solving the mystery of the island.

Not Very Good At Summaries. The story is better than it sound.

Dark Knights: This is a Miracle Knight's based fic. If you want to know what made the bad guy the way they are. Or what happened to Haji that caused him to have the deep hate he has for Ken? It is much more thna that... it is a story that will on some parts make you cry.

Not Very Good At Summaries. The story is better than it sound.

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