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Wow! Bout time I changed my Bio! Hello everyone! I'm Kawaii Vivi, and I'm a crazy girl who loves video games and anime!I love romantic drama, pure romance, or plain humour! Fics that I like to read are Final Fantasy 7, 8 or 9, Hey Arnold!, South Park, Sonic The Hedgehog, Parappa The Rapper, CardCaptor Sakura and Ranma 1/2. I do support most couples,(except Cloud/Aeris fics. No offense Cleris fans, but I really don't like Aeris and theres nothing anyone can do about it!Cloud/Tifa all the way!) but my absolute favourite is Final Fantasy 9's Vivi/Eiko. (God, I love Viko fics, well, anyone who has read most of my fanfics can tell that!) I've also added on a possible fanfic section to here, mentioning possible fanfics I'll be writting in the Future. Well, I've babbled on long enough, so I'll stop. Bye, I hope all of you like my fics, and thanks for spending your sweet time reading them!
Bye! Luv Kawaii Vivi (Becky) xxx


You can tell what this fic is about just by reading the title! Bloopers from one of the most awesome games around, UmJammer Lammy.

NEW FOUND LOVE (first chapter will be up soon!)
This is my attempt at a Parappa the Rapper fic. Parappa is feeling really depressed as Sunny Funny has dumped him, but as his other friends help him through this difficult time, he develops strange feelings for another girl... a definate Parappa/Lammy fic, but I might change the title, since it sounds a bit rubbish!

THE YOUNG MAGE'S QUEST (under construction)
Again, I might change the title to this fic... I can't think of any good ones! The sequel to The Mage Of Eternal Darkness, as this is the adventure of Vivi's and Eiko's Child! (Not mentioning if it's a boy or a girl yet...it'll spoil the surprise at the end of Mage Of Eternal Darkness!)

A Final Fantasy 7 fic... Cloud/Tifa romance. My favourite FF7 couple, and would be set either just after the adventure, or years after it.

Unfortunatley, since the ban on NC-17 fics, I will be unable to post the sequel to my Sonic story, Secret Love. (Grrr...) However, new chapters for the Misadventures Of Vivi and Eiko will be up soon, as well as the end to Mage Of Eternal Darkness!

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