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Update (10/11/10): I've finished posting both Guy in a Tie and I Don't Care Who I Am. Thank you to everyone who has been through these stories with me and reviewed, or just read. I've been on Fictionpress for about...five to six years and I've definitely seen the site itself morph and change. It is definitely time for me to excuse myself from the writing community.

In case I have not said it enough in a couple weeks, I will be taking EVERYTHING down. I will become a wonderful reviewer only. So, if you want to read one of my other stories and get some last minute reviews in there--GO FOR IT! You have a couple weeks. haha Basically, I love you if you've taken the time to read even a word of my stuff.

I would especially like to thank DutchAver because he has literally reviewed almost every chapter of every book I've written on here. And I Don't Care Who I Am he read and reviewed TWICE. An awesome reviewer and someone I would seriously consider a friend. Go check out his profile and stories!

Lastly, as a little encouragement to writers I would just like to tell you that writing should come easily but should not be easy. If you are struggling to write something because you have 'writers block' chances are you're not writing the right thing. For instance, if you sit down to the write the next chapter of your book or script or short story and you have this idea but it keeps getting blocked, WRITE SOMETHING ELSE. However, if you sit down to the write a chapter and it's hard to get it out because the words you have to find are so blindingly brilliant and the plot is so thick that your brain hurts--that is the good kind of hard. That, my friends, is not writer's block and I think we mistake it sometimes. Struggle through it, or go in a different direction. Do not give into so-called writer's block. You're a writer, you can always write.

Thank you!

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