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I just realized how ghastly outdated this profile is. And then I realized how ghastly outdated all of my stories are. And then I realized that perhaps, instead of updating my profile, I should work on my stories. But then I figured that people would never want to read my stories if my profile is out of date (which I actually realize is not really true at all). So, in summary, fixing my profile was a hell of a lot easier than writing a new chapter for Grasping at Straws.

I'm in this lovely place called college. At this lovely place, there are a lot of things to write, but unfortunately very few of them are stories. I'm a proud history major (with a minor in secondary education) and I hope to one day be an archaeologist... as of this moment anyway. I will openly admit that I'm probably one of the biggest nerds you will ever meet. Writing is just a side enjoyment that makes me happy because you need a little happiness in a large stress environment. Anything to take your mind of the millions and millions of pages that you should be writing for all of the classes.

If there are any more fun facts you would like to know about me, always feel free to drop me a line. But you're not really here for me anyway. You're just here for the stories!


Nature's Business: Let us permit nature to have her way. She understands her business better than we do. They tell me that love can't be manipulated. I disagree.
English class assignment. I really can't believe I turned that thing in for English. Uses estentially the same characters as Borrow Your Smile (which was my first story on FP and has since been deleted because it was awful), but they have different names and that's not anything like how people are going to end up together in BYS, but... yeah.

Bombs Bursting in Air... Mostly: You know how they say you never forget your first love? You know how they say things happen for a reason? Well I was perfectly happy forgetting my first love with a good reason until my baby brother decided to run into his legs at the fireworks show. Oops.
Fun little one-shot based on the 4th of July (inspired by watching a fireworks show). I have other one-shots in mind using the same characters, all with a holiday theme, but this one was the first to make it.

That's So Cheesy: She didn’t like flowers. She didn’t like Valentine’s Day, huge boxes of chocolate, or hideously cute stuffed animals. She didn’t like anything under the category of cliché or cheesy. Sometimes it seemed like the only thing she did like was him.
By far my most popular story, for some reason. A cute one shot about, well, all that's cheesy in a relationship. With a very cheesy ending. Inspired by one of those stupid radio commercials about a random jewelry store. Archived on a Drop of Romeo! :)

From Day to Night: I should have known it was too good to be true. He was hot, a good dancer, and didn’t mind the fact that I was all sweaty. The fact that he also had a penchant for biting people shouldn’t have surprised me. He had to have some kind of oddity, right?
Written mostly as a birthday present for my best friend and partially for a SKoW challenge. My friend informed me that she wanted a story about vampires and she wanted a romance, and that's essentially what the SKoW challenge asked for too, so I just went for it. And there are a lot of random inside jokes there, but it's mostly pretty generic humor.

Knowing You Know Me: When your male best friend can predict when you’re on your period better than you can, you know there’s something wrong. And just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse… -SKoW Challenge response-
This challenge was totally calling my name. Besides, I've had Lina and Jake in my head for a while(with different names in different half-assed attempts at stories that never see the light of day), and this just seemed to fit them. They demanded it, what can I say?

Willing to Try: She was just beginning to move on. He had just realized what he was losing by turning her away. Overcoming hurt feelings and pure hard headedness is never easy, but perhaps they both just need to be willing to try. -SKoW Challenge response-
Um... I have no idea where this came from. I never, ever write stories like this. But it worked this time... I think?

Current Stories:
20 Things to Do Over Spring Break: London Calling: Throw a few American teenagers into London on Spring Break. Throw in two American, two English, and one Irish boy. Mix in a little spring break fun with a sense of adventure and some craziness and you get... my spring break.
Strongly based on my actual spring break '07. Only this one has romance in it that mine did not, and most of the male romantic interests are fictional characters. The main five girls, the Irish and one of the American boys, most of the members in the group, and all of the teachers are based off of real people. The inside jokes are real (we still yell them at each other in passing in the halls), and... yeah. It's mostly real, just a little exaggerated and more romance to make it more interesting to read. HIATUS

Superiority Complex: Peyton has the misfortune of being the only girl in her family. She has the misfortune of being a Graham, quarterbacks at Middleton University for ages. Her biggest misfortune? Her brothers won't let her play the sport she loves just as much as they do.
Product of NaNoWriMo '07. And honestly, it badly needs to be rewritten. I can pretend it's not cliche, but it's littered with them. But it's also chock full of girl power, so hopefully I'll eventually get around to rewriting it so that it can be read and enjoyed without cringing. BEING REWRITTEN

Grasping at Straws: We all know the clichés. Popular jock falls for nerdy, shy girl. Girl falls for best friend’s brother. Girl falls for brother’s best friend. But life never works out that way. Clichés never work out in real life. You can only expect to find them in Meg Cabot books and Disney movies. Then he came to our school. Oh boy.
Your stereotypical high school cliche, only better! Actually, I don't know if it's better, but I love the characters, so I'll have fun with it even if you no one else likes it. These characters have been in the works for at least six years. Obviously, they have been changed and matured and developed believable personalities (and been moved from the fanfiction realm to the original), but they are essentially the same characters my twelve year old self created. Check my homepage for more information on (and some pictures of) these ever interesting characters. IN PROGRESS (no matter how long it takes)

Coming... Eventually?:
A Prequel to BBiAM: Which is definitely not going to be the title of the story. It's Halloween centered and explains how Isabelle and Andrew got together. I'm a little excited about it because I know how they get together, but no one else really does (obviously).

Lucky: It's challenge response to the SKoW Challenge #23: "So Many Songs, But I'm Feeling So Lonely!" It's based off of "Lucky", a song sung my Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat (number 3 on We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things if you want to be specific). I'm not really sure where it's going to go or even if it's ever going to be finished, but at this point, Jake from KYKM has a cameo! And that's reason enough to read it, right? (If I ever get it up, of course.)

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