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Ein Bisschen ueber mich-

I'm sixteen, almost seventeen. I'm white as all getout, and I don't try to be anything else. I speak a little German, and I've started learning French this year. I love to sketch, and I'm learning to paint nowadays.

That's the boring stuff. I write pretty regularly, but the subject matter is usually dark, and it usually features two people, who go by different names. That's just my style. I write some slash, but I'm mainly into tragedies, at least lately. I'm somewhat of a Grammar Nazi, but I usually try and tone it down around other people's writing. However, typos do not fall under that umbrella.

Feel free to harass me. It gets lonely out here.

Update: Since I'm not on a lot (at least on FP), I'll throw this out there. My newest project is The Red Dress, tentative working title, and it'll be a multi-part series. I might get the first part up soon, but I could wait until I've finished the whole thing. This will be nothing like Air, at least in the manner of the series. Style is the same, more dark drama, lots of blood and tears. Anyway, now you all know that I'm not dead.

AIM: WillyWonkaRox38

Yahoo: xxkiss_the_ringxx

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