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My name is Debz and I am a friend of Dana's. I am really sorry to tell all of you guys that Dana died last year. She had leukmia for a long time and was in and out of hospital most of her life. She died just before her 20th birthday and is greatly missed by all of her friends. Before she died she told me about her stories and asked me to tell her readers why she wouls no longer be writing and it has taken me a year to be able to do that.

I am NOT continuing her stories, I have no idea what she had planned and I think to try and take them away from her would be insulting. I will, however, leave them up for people to read if they want to. She gave me her passwords and usernames to her email accounts and FP so any message/reviews/comments you wish to send will come to me and I will receive it.

I have always wanted to write fiction and she gave me the inspiration to write. I am going to post my story Ginger Jewish Babies on this account as a tribute to her.



My name is Dana and I'm 17, I live in London. If you have any questions feel free to AIM me, email me or leave a review. I will always try to reply to everything I get sent. Because I am English and attend a private school I know the system fairly well and this is what I will write about. I am happy to answer any questions about English schools/exams/colleges/systems but if you want a real answer then it is probably best to email me directly at danaroberston@ than to leave a review.

I am really sorry that I have not updated for a long time, as I said ages ago, I was very ill and the doctors thought I was getting better but I had a relapse so I could not carry on writing. Hopefully I can put this all behind me now and carry on with my life and my writing.

What's a Girl To Do?

I am no longer writing this and have taken it off this sitebecause I don't think anyone liked it and I don't really want to write stories that no one wants to read. If, however you did want to carry on reading this then AIM me or email me and I'll consider putting it back.

Summer's Time

Basically a girl and a guy who barely know each other start sharing the same dreams. The dreams are fairly erotic (thats why it is rated M) and it makes the two characters think more about each other and how little they really know the people around them, even if they have been going to the same school for years. I intend to update this once a week because I am really busy at the moment. It is written from two points of view and will alternate constantly between Summer and Peter. I don't know exactly what will happen but I have a vague idea beacuse I am a huge fan of long stories with happy endings and seeing as I don't know whether my other story will have a happy ending I will ensure that this one does! My ending may be happy but I can assure that it will not be predictable as I don't necessarily want a cliched story where the two main characters fall desperately in love, I don't know where this story will take me but reviews and suggestions will always be welcome so please message me or leave a review.

Short Stories

These are just a couple of random pieces that I have written, I may add a few more over time but they are just pieces of writing that I was made to write for homework (I dropped English after GCSE so I don't have to them any more) or an idea that wouldn't leave my head.

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