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hi, i’m gemma. i live in scotland. i’ve got two months left of school and when i leave i’m going to uni in glasgow to study french and spanish. i’m completely paranoid and specialise in wasting time and telling pointless stories.

i like: mommy blogs and blogs in general – in fact i probably spend more time online reading about other people’s lives than living my own! – underground trains, adding faces to the end of every sentence (, endless cups of tea with milk and five sugars, freckles, harry potter and twilight, planning imaginary holidays, fanfics, green day, my chemical romance, the rocket summer, rain, and collecting books to add to my ‘books to be read pile’ but never actually reading them.

i dislike: sandwiches, when people say they ‘heart’ things, the fact that i’m never happy, tweeting your life away instead of just living it, sunscreen, cadburys chocolate, how i always wear the same outfits, and jeremy vine.

you can email me; and find me on twitter, my blog, fanfiction.net, and my beta profile.

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