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Hey all, welcome to my humble online abode if you have stumbled across my Fictionpress acount.

I guess this is the part where I start to reveal a little about myself. And typically, I shall fall into such a pattern. I am woesoflove (a horribly uncreative name that I don't know why I chose), and I hope to write here anonymously. However, to fulfill your (possibly non-existent) curiosity, I will reveal a bit about myself. I am at the humble age of 18, officially permitted to drink, drive, have sex, and god knows what else. I'm completely unreligious, by the way. Although occasionally I do fulfill the requirements of being a Buddhist.

I live in Sydney, Australia and I’m studying in my first year of university. I thought I would try my hand at writing because I’ve always wanted to do it, but I’ve never thought that I was good enough, or really had the motivation to pick up a pen…(start typing on the keyboard?) and open my mind and write. I love reading though, and I always think of what I would love to be reading out there, so I thought hey, why not? Writing is a great way to forget reality and enter a whole new different world.

Anyway, I guess that’s enough about me. I’m not saying that my story is what I’d love to read about, heck, its far, far from perfect and I am in complete awe of the authors on this site that post up stories that really do deserve to be published. They’re probably a lot better than some of the actual published romances I have read.

I am very very open to any suggestions, reviews, or criticisms that will improve my writing. I’d love to hear from all of you guys, and let me know what you think! A boy crazy secret is not my first ever attempt at a story, but it’s the first one I have enough motivation to believe that I will actually complete.

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