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Hello, everyone!

Check out my new story for NaNoWriMo 2008, A Perfect Crime. It's my kick start back into the fabulous world of writing.

Here's my lovely award for Best Chemistry in SKOW. It's absolutely gorgeous.


Pictures for Jilted


And here are just my commentaries on how i thought my characters would look!

Sayuri West
I always kind of imagined actress Kristin Kreuk, who is a mix of everything to do this, because that's the exact kind of look that Sayuri has. She looks kind of asiatic, but she's got something different that makes you wonder about her.

Vincent Grendel
Ok, so there has been quite a bit of confusion over who this guy actually is. Is it Ian Somerhalder? or Kevin Zegers, the guy who was in the Airbud movies? I have no clue, but when i looked compared the pictures, it does look a bit more like Kevin Zegers, but they both look so similar, its hard to tell! either way, this guy seems more Vincent-ish to me. I mean, he has got the most striking gray eyes i have ever seen! sigh, and he's so ruggedly handsome with that long hair of his, exactly how i imagined vincent grendel. rawr.

Eric Grendel
This is another male model. You may recognize him from that mtv show 8th and Ocean, his name is Teddy, and he's just so adorable and cute. He even kind of looks like Ian Somerhalder. Kinda. Anyways, they're both supposed to have black hair and gray eyes. Except that Vincent is more dark and mysterious looking while Eric is more friendly and outgoing.

Laryssa Adams Grendel
She's got the whole girl next door look with a bit of a sexy spin. Blonde hair, blue eyes. I think Mischa Barton has that kind of baby doll look that i'm looking for in Laryssa. All in all, a sweet girl who just met the right person at the wrong time.

Ariel Madeleine Gray and Alexander Maximillian James
are...Victoria and David Beckham, respectively. when i thought of Alexander, i was so looking for someone who had that sort of cockiness and air about him, and who was sandy haired and rugged. Ding! David Beckham popped into my head, and then, like dominoes, Victoria popped into my head, too. personally, i think they make an adorable couple, and they have adorable babies. you may not like them, but you have to admit they make one hot couple. perfect for Ariel and Alex!

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