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August 1, 2009: Link to TaD: http:///

July 11, 2009: "Follow" me on Twitter and let me know who you are on FP! punkturnedwrite

July 9, 2009: TCG got into the SKOW Hall of Fame! I'm super thrilled and want to thank all my readers for how supportive and encouraging and loyal they have been. I love you guys.

19. Female. Indian. I love to eat and spaz out in front of TV shows featuring lots of fluffy fun and deep-seated drama (and books, and music, and the colour red, and my Dream-School-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, and wandering around the city without specific purpose, and rain, and money, and loose pants, and shallow swimming pools, and daydreaming).

My love of reading defines me. My room is a potential avalanche of precariously-stuffed books ranging from The Iliad to The Lord Of The Flies to The Lord of The Rings to Meg Cabot's latest.

Warning about my stories: Proceed with caution. There's a crazy abundance of cliches and unrealistic-ness and over-the-top-ness and escapism (and every chapter is probably going to have one typo too many) in them. Still, I have a lot of fun writing, and maybe you'll be able to have some fun reading!

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