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I apologize sincerely to anyone that actually reads my writing, and is waiting for another chapter of a delusional diary, i'm working on it as I type here. I've been busy with finals lately and school and crap. I'm out tommorow though so other than my job and training horses i'll have time to write!

Hmmm...a few things about myself you ask? Well, i'll give you those few things.
~My best friend is on this site, her name is Hatedbeloved. Go look at her wonderful wonderful work, or else '. Believe me, she's a lot more worth while looking at than I.

~Firstly, i am a Teenager(Oh no!) I'm a hormonally charged little ball of ignorance and disrespect.

~I am revoltingly normal, and disgustingly boring.

~I am at the young age of 15.

~Reading and Writing makes me feel.

~Goth. I dont care what you say.

~Did i say reading and writing made me feel? Music makes me feel that tenfold.

~I may dislike certain people, but i dont feel enough about them to hate them. They're a waste of emotion.

~I love to ride and show horses. I have a four year old impressive bred Appendix Quarter horse. He is my darling. I will have him for life. He means more to me than many people do.

~I'm a musician. I play percussion, especially the bells and xylophone for my school concert band and i play violin for my own self satisfaction.(obsessed)

~I suppose you could say i hate(therefore contradicting said earlier statement) all my friends to a point of unwavering adoration and love. Go to hell, all of you. For if i dont believe a hell exists i can't send you there, can i?

~I am obsessed with fish. Not much more i can elaborate on that. Absolutely obsessed.

~I'm an atheist. Dont tell me i'm too young to know this. You're never too young to know you dont believe in a god.

~Reviews are lovely things. If you review me there's a good chance i'll repay the favor.

~I often come off sounding meaner than i am in these things, but its just the blunt truth. I'm really a very nice person.

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