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Well hello.

My name is Mary. I'm twenty. I like winter, and I hate peas. When I was really little, I decided to shove a pea up my nose, because little kids are idiots. The pea got stuck, and the memory and hatred of peas lingers on. (the pea, however, was removed in the same day, in case you're wondering)

Now that we've gone through the horrors of my childhood, let's move on. The only reasons I can think of for you to be at my profile page are that you've read and enjoyed something of mind, OR you already know me, and have somehow blackmailed this site info out of me. I've written and re-written this profile page, and I kept being embarrassed when people I know read it, so I decided just to TRY and embarrass myself. Thus the story of the pea.

I hope you enjoy my writing, and, more than that, I hope you feel the need to tell ME how much you enjoyed it. I have an incurable addiction to reviews.

Happy reading.


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