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To introduce me...

I'm a fairly cynical person that has been jaded by life...EMO LOSER. Jk.

No. Actually I'm quite normal despite the common beliefs of my state of mental wellbeing going around. I'm stable and can handle stressful stituations because I've never really had the energy to spare for stressing (aka. sloth). Hmm...I may be a little capricious at times in the past but whatever, no one can say they've never has moodswings here and there before; girls?-most definitely, boys?-they don't call it moodswings but most definitely too. I lose my temper quite easily...before, now I can't be phased by the most ridiculous things.

Well, since this is a site for creative writing I guess I should say something on that note too, but really cant think of much I want to say about my writing. I'm not likely to post much as I get ideas as quickly as I tend to lose them. Yes, bad habit and all, so if I ever were to write a story I'd make it quite short; the longer it drags on the easier I lose concentration and inspiration.

I don't mind reading and beta-ing though. I find it interesting to read different styles of writing but you may find that I'm quite absent minded and I might miss a few mistakes here and there so I wouldn't recommend you to make me your beta. However, I am rather good at giving feedback but be warned-I can be quite harsh. My friends have tasted this rather...great wave of criticisms from me. Haha.

Things I absolutely detest are:

1. The use of msn language (unless it is in the correct context, as in the characters sending a text message or msn conversation, or it is the subject of which is being written) in writing.

2. Inconsistency. I absolutely hate it when people make a character out to be this wishy-washy, weak person one minute and the next they're...well, they're practically superhuman.

3. Cry baby male characters. There is just something very disturbing about reading about them. Seriously, dudes, guys don't act like that. That kind of...abominable...crap doesn't happen, I would be ashamed to have... A guy seriously doesn't cry at every turn, yes, maybe once in a blue moon kind of crying but other than that? Please! No way.

That's all.

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