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I suppose I should tell you a little about myself. So, here goes. I graduated High School a few months ago and I am now a freshman in College. I have not written anything worth posting for several months, with homework and all. However, I have been complying something new and hopefully I am able to finish soon.

I have been writing for four or five years now and to tell you the truth I've lost count. I absolutely love books! Lately I've been reading Nicholas Sparks books. ( Here are a couple of his: A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, The Rescue, and At First Sight. As a few great movies!) If you ever suffer from writer's block I suggest you pick up a book or pop in your favorite sappy movie. Get your emotions moving. I finished a couple of Robin Wasserman's Seven Deadly Sins series, very awesome. I totally suggest you check em' out, they gave me a lot of inspiration. If you wanna know more about me, check out my homepage it will take you to my Myspace!

Besides books, I really love to write stories as well as poetry. Although I write various genres of poetry, I usually stick to romantic stories. There's something about drama and romance that seem to click for me. I started out writing Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fictions and then I expanded from my advice to you is find an inspiration, either it being a book, movie or television show and tear it up! And don't be afraid to make some mistakes along the way.

"We don't write because we want too. We write because we have too." S. Mornset.

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I wanted to acknowledge some of my annoymous reviewers.

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(4/26/06) Sorry for the delay! (I'm sure your sick and tired of reading that.) But I tried to get done with the next chapter but I was sick, so hopefully this Friday I will start back up and end up finishing. But then again you never know!

(5/1/2006) Over the next few weeks I'll be even more busy than before. Prom is next weekend and Graduation is just around the corner. But I will finish Only Him & Me within the upcoming weeks. I don't have much more to do, but like I've said before, I don't want to rush.

(5/13/2006) Finally, Only Him & Me is finished! It's bitter sweet, but I'm glad. I hope that everyone enjoyed it while it lasted. 26 chapters is a lot for me! Thanks again to all those who have followed the story. I might start up another one soon! So keep posted! ;)

(5/20/06) Well, I will officially graduate this week, making me your every day busy bee.However, I've been thinking of new writingideas and I hope to "get them on paper" soon. And in the process I will be designing a website; not only for me but my fellow readers. I'll give you the heads up when I finish. Oh and last but not least, thanks to all my reviewers. Like I always say, you guys rock! ;)

(5/31/06) Well, I'm done and graduated! Wooo! So, with that said I've had a lot more free time in front of the computer. Which, to some may be dull but for me, it's relaxing. Sometimes anyway. As far as the website goes, I'm trying my best. I'm actually making some head way. Well, it's going on two o'clock and I'm hitting the sack. Keep posted!!!

(6-6-06) Interesting date don't you think? But anyway, I will be starting college in the fall. But until then I am on vacation and that means writing. writing. writing. I have just started 'Catch me when I fall' and I am really enjoying it. The whole website building is harder than I thought, but I haven't given up yet. Well, I'm going to bed.

(4/24/07) Have not updated in awhile as you can tell. But with Summer just around the corner, I hope to get something accomplished. And hopefully work on my reviewers list!

(7/16/07) Thank God for online classes! They have allowed me some free time to write, which is nice. It feels like so long since I've actually completed something. The other day I started writing 'Good Girl Gone Bad'. It was purely on a whim and I didn't expect a lot of reviews. I didn't even edit before posting. Now that I've had over 100 hits on the story, I have decided to follow through. It will not be a long story - but it definitely has a lot of my own experience in the story when I met my ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend.

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