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Hey, thanks for visiting my page. I would appreciate it more if you checked out my stories below and preferably, left a review though. Haha.

Info about the author? I've pretty much stopped posting my stories on FP and only visit it every now or then to find interesting stories.

My stories

Flameheart: A rewrite of my first story in Fictionpress: Crimson (which I have left amongst my story list because I enjoy reading it from time to time and you can also check it out if you want to see the difference between me then and now).

Flameheart is basically a story of adventure, faith, love (it feels weird admitting it here somehow =/ ) and war. Set in a medieval cum technologically advanced age, it chronicles a world beset by conflict and war between the five main races: the noble Corinthos, the brilliant Daim, the self-exiled Aesir, the insidious Feldrakyn and the bestial Hym, so much so that many have forgotten the primeval and ancient threat that dwells within the wastelands of the North...

This is the story of Maia, a young Grand Magus of the yet neutral city-state of Havan who bears the ill-tidings of impending doom. Her journey, her quest to proclaim the unthinkable, to muster the homme to fight before all is lost. The companions she meets: Caine, the heretic-druid; Elias, the Panzer-General; Atelier, the zealous Crusader; Tiamat, the honor-bound Myrmidon and Elyanna, the fallen ranger and lastly, the one who is both arch-enemy and greatest ally, the daemon Ares.

Flameheart updates: Midway through the Arcatraz arc.

Atelier: An accompaniment to the above story, Atelier chronicles the relationship of two side characters who will be making their appearance in Flameheart too; Atelier, a Crusader of Corinthos and Tiamat, a Daim Myrmidon. It is pretty much an experiment for me to work with a different writing style and genre, not to mention explore the story of Flameheart in a deeper way from the perspective of someone else other than Maia, Ares and company.

Atelier updates: Discontinued till further notice.

Vanguard: Kirana's in a bit of a bind. Stunningly pretty, she could have easily been a model or what-not, seeing as she had all the right credentials save a larger amount of intelligence than is usual. Yet somehow she ends up in the military and worse yet, is enlisted into one of the military's most elite taskforce: the Enigma Squadron.Counting in the fact that her father is an anti-war and prominent Senator, that makes her life a whole lot more complicated.

Her father wants her out. Her father's enemies want to abuse her position. Her friends want to spank her. The media want a scandal. The military just wants her squadron kept hush-hush. And of course, the rebels, the CSO just want her dead.

Thank goodness for a strange silver-haired boy, of whom she has a vague recollection of, appearing into her chaotic life.

Warning: Vanguard's a lot more serious than it sounds. Was rushing for time when writing a short blurb out. Well, Vanguard's definitely not my primary story; it served more of a break from Crimson/Deathscrye in the times that my ideas for the former were running a little short. Also, I'm a lot more careless with Vanguard than I am with Deathscrye and well... Don't be too surprised if Vanguard's a little messy.

Episode 1 complete!

Vanguard updates: Discontinued.

Parallel!: Issildar is a Drow assassin of renown, carving a bloody name for herself in the flesh of Republican citizens in her service with the insidious Imperium. Little does she suspect that she is actually a player-character in the latest MMORPG Apocalypse, her actions controlled by a gawky 17 year old guy who constantly pits her in various misadventures along with a myriad of different companions including amongst others Aurion the lecherous priest, Grimm the perpetually snide mage, Kratos the sadistic warmongerer and Imanoob the...noob.

What's a girl to do when all of her time is preoccupied with her inane friends and would-be assassins? Featuring nerdspeak, guild drama and lots of insinuations about... Never mind.

Parallel! updates: Discontinued.

What to expect from me:

1. I include a lot of attractive characters in my stories. Yes, I've heard about the Mary Sues and stuff like that, and I do try to avoid creating such characters but I am sorry; I just cannot envision a fantasy without relatively attractive characters in them. It may not suit realism, but then again, this is fantasy no?

2. I believe in romance between main characters.

3. I like tragic endings. Rest assured, I may do something VERY drastic at the end of my stories (goodness knows when that will come about anyway)

4. I am a firm believer of descriptions. I find that I can imagine the world the writer describes very easily, sort of a visual image to accompany the words that I read, which makes it quite simple for me to appreciate the writer's work. I agree that too many descriptions can set one's teeth on edge, but then again, a complete lack of them is quite boring IMHO and makes me want to drop the story altogether.

5. I do not guarantee that my works are completely free of cliches, Mary Sues and whatever else that may irk people out there. At present moment, I'm not exactly certain of the true definition of all of these author peeves so I only write what I can think of.

6. My works will include religious influence.

7. I am a VERY SLOW updater. Inspiration comes in waves, and not always in tandem with discipline for me.

My reviewing policy:

My reviewing policy is simple. I am not the best at delivering constructive criticism and lastly I am a speed reader. My emphasis is always on entertainment value, not how well you write. If you can't spell well, or your grammar isn't all too good or English isn't your first language and you thus have understandable language difficulties; it is fine with me as long as you succeed in delivering a compelling, entertaining story/chapter that can capture my attention within five minutes--my average reading time for a whole chapter.

I am not the person to ask to give you a thousand-word reviews, I'll be the first to admit that. To me, reading is another form of entertainment; and I'll review you based on the entertainment factor that I've derived from reading your story.

Also, I like to do a lot of random trawling through Fictionpress and drop reviews here and there. However, I rarely continue with a story unless the reviewed person returns at least a single review because I don't really have a long attention span and often forget what stories or which authors I've already reviewed, partly due to the aforementioned habit of mine unless I am of course familiar with the said author, and that comes through regular correspondence.

And lastly,

Reviews returned policy. You review me, I review you. It's that simple. :)

Cheers and I hope you enjoy my offerings!


23 June 2012

It's so nostalgic to visit this place... And if you're wondering why my stories have no breaks, they used to have plenty, till Fictionpress messed up the formatting and I'm too lazy to get it fixed.

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