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Name: Kiara

Age: 15

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Prefered Writing Style: Mainly poems, but some stories I'm working on.

About Me:

If I be mean to you (which I am very well known for), I still expect you to be nice to me.

I am a girl. That means I have horrible mood swings and I can't control them.. so DO NOT annoy me.

I hate happy endings… especially toward other people… then its just funny to laugh at the misfortune of others… hehe.

I'm not very afraid of much… except the sunlight (I will burst into flames… proven fact) and most people (I will make them burst into flames… also a proven fact.)

I love music more than you. Seriously... I do. It’s another proven fact.

If I dont like you, it's because I think your a fake… like margarine on bread rolls.

I don't call people posers. I think people who call people posers are the 'posers' themselves.

I love taking pictures of people when they don’t want me to… it captures them at their finest (or worst.)

I take German! not Spanish or any of those other common languages. I'm too cool for those. HA!

I'm actually a really shy person if you meet me in real life, but you wouldn't know that... because you’ll never meet me… haha.

If I want to say something to you and I have proof and heart to back it up, I shall tell you, then run far away… very fast.

If I argue with you... you probably started it.

If you ignore me, then I will ignore you back, and then I will cease befriending you and cause you to wilt and wither in self shame and longingness because you cant survive with out me.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me.

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